Shop My Stash – April 2019

Shop My Stash – April 2019

In my Shop My Stash posts I round up 5 products that I’d like to focus on using for a month. This gives me some time to really figure out my feelings surrounding the products that I pick out.

This month I picked out one new to me product and the rest were all products that I’ve been neglecting in my collection! I’ve really been wanting to try to find products in my collection that need a little more love. For the last few years I’ve been so focused on trying all the new products that I tend to forget about all the amazing products in my collection.

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It Cosmetics – CC+ Cream

I forgot how much I enjoyed this CC Cream. I think it’s the perfect foundation for the springtime. It does a really great job at making sure my skin looks hydrated and healthy. I love that this gives me medium to full coverage without looking cakey or breaking up. It’s the perfect product to apply quickly and not have to worry throughout the day. I do think that the shade I have might be a little too dark for me or maybe it just has intense warmer undertones. But I do have to blend it down my neck to make it look like I’m not wearing a creepy foundation mask. I’m so close to finishing this product up and using it for the last month has rekindled my love for it and I think I’ll have this done and in an empties post in no time at all!

Too Faced – Peach Face Palette

I don’t know why I’ve kept this product around for so long. This past month has been so frustrating because the product just doesn’t work for me the way that I would like it to. I find there to be zero pigmentation in the bronzing product and I don’t particularly love the blush and highlighter. I think I really should have just returned this when I originally bought it but I’m definitely stuck with it now. I thought I would be able to work with this palette and find a way to make me enjoy using it. But I have so many other products that do wonders for me so why am I trying so hard to make this work for me? I really need to just pass this along to a friend or family member and just clear it out from my collection!

Too Faced – Melted Liquified Long Wearing Lipstick in Melted Chihuahua

I used to wear this lipstick all the time when I was in University! I actually think I even wore it on a night out for my birthday! I was really afraid that this product might be expired/dried up/gross so I thought it would be a good time to give it a try and see if it’s something I can keep in my collection or if I should throw it out! I found that this wore more like a gloss than a lipstick. I remember it being a lot more pigmented in the past so I definitely think it’s starting to expire. Although it didn’t really smell bad or have a weird texture. It just was a lot less pigmented than it used to be. I actually really liked applying it over top of a more mattifying lipstick. It was the perfect texture to gloss the lip up a little bit. I really should throw this out but I think I’ll keep it around a little longer and try to get some more use out of it. I did forget how much I disliked the applicator though. I find it so gross and really hard to make everything look precise. I would have loved if this had a normal doe foot applicator rather than a weird squeezy tube!

Maybelline – Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder in Fair Light

I haven’t been using loose powder lately so I thought now would be a great time to break out this powder from Maybelline and give it some love! I really think this does a great job at setting down my foundation and concealer without looking too heavy. It does make a difference when I apply blush and bronzer on top of this. It does such a good job at allowing those products to blend out on the face. I think there’s so much product in this as well and it’s well worth the price point. I honestly don’t even think that I’ll ever finish up this product! I’m super pleased that I have this in my collection and I’m hoping I’ll use it more often going forward!

Colourpop – Jelly Much Shadow in Wide Awake

I’m such a fan of the Jelly Much shadows! This is an amazing high impact shadow that just looks so stunning on the eyes. It is a little difficult to work with the first few times that you apply it but as soon as you get it figured out it’s a lot easier! I love how pigmented these shadows are. With a quick swipe on the lids you get a full coverage shadow. They have amazing staying power as well. I found that they really didn’t budge until I went in with makeup remover at the end of the night!

The 5 products that I plan to test out for the next month are:

I’d love to know your thoughts on any of these products? Have you been shopping your stash lately? Let me know the products you’ve fallen back in love with because of something like this!

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