My Week In Lipstick #14

My Week In Lipstick #14

Last week was my birthday so I thought it would be a fun week to bring back a Week In Lipstick Post! I used to love writing this series and using it as a bit of a diary for my week – it’s really fitting for the name of my blog. But over the last year my weeks have been a little on the boring side so I wouldn’t always have that much to write about for this post.

My birthday week was a little more jam packed though so I have lots that I could write about! I managed to wear makeup every single day which also doesn’t always happen anymore.

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Monday – Hourglass Confession Refillable Lipstick in My One Desire

I actually started off my week in a little bit of a boring and relaxing way. I was in Ottawa over the weekend and I wanted a day to just veg on the couch – even though when I was in Ottawa I basically just had a weekend of relaxing and chilling. I really wanted to start the week with a special lipstick! I love love love the Hourglass Confession Refillable Lipsticks so I thought it this would be the best product to wear.

Tuesday – Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in November

I had another day of relaxing. I actually made a large paper flower which was a whole lot of fun. I’ve been really into crafting lately – that’s part of the reason why I haven’t been blogging as much lately. I wanted to wear something a little fun and bold today so I went with Colourpop’s Ultra Satin Lip in November. It’s the perfect pink shade for me and I definitely don’t give this as much love as I should!

Wednesday – Too Faced Peach Kiss Lipstick in Sex On The Peach

I was super excited for Wednesday because I was able to open up a birthday gift a little earlier. My boyfriend gifted me a Cricut Easy Press 2 and I was super excited to give it a try. I’ve already made a T-Shirt with it and I’m excited to continue crafting! I wanted to wear a lipstick that was simple and that I haven’t worn as often lately. I went for the Too Faced Peach Kiss Lipstick because it used to be one of my favourites and it’s such a great lipstick. The scent of this lipstick always makes me want to eat it so it was fun to pull this one out of my collection and give it some love!

Thursday – Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Rose

I went out for dinner with my parents and my boyfriend to celebrate my birthday. We went to the Cheesecake Factory in Yorkdale and it was everything I wanted for a birthday dinner. I really haven’t gone to the cheesecake factory as much as I would have liked to since it opened in Toronto so this was the perfect treat. I always order the Chocolate Cookie Dough Cheesecake but let me know your favourite option in the comments below! I wanted something simple and basic for the day when it came to my lipstick. My lips were feeling a little dry and chapped so I thought the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose was the perfect way to wear a little bit of colour but still keep my lips feeling and looking healthy!

Friday – Maybelline Color Sensational Shine Compulsion Lipstick in Spicy Mauve

Friday was my Birthday! It was the perfect relaxing day for me. I spent the evening organizing a bunch of files that I have on my desktop computer at home. It might seem like a lame way to spend your birthday but it was exactly what I wanted to do. I also was seriously craving grilled cheese and my boyfriend made that for us for dinner so it was perfect! I chose to wear the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Spice Mauve because I wanted something a little bold and a little spicy! So this was obviously the perfect pick! It’s such a good colour and I’ve been so drawn to wearing it a lot more lately.

Saturday – Milani Colour Statement Matte Lipstick in Matte Naked

On Saturday we had a large family dinner to celebrate my birthday. It was a great day and I was able to spend some time with my family that I don’t always see as often. I went for a super wearable and simple lip because I knew most of the day was going to be spent cleaning or eating. I also wanted to give the Milani Matte Lipstick in Matte Naked a wear because this lipstick was something I was obsessed with in University and I spent so much time trying to find some of the shades. I think my roommates even got me one of the shades for my birthday in first year because I was that obsessed!

Sunday – Belle En Argent Auteur Crème Lip Color in I’ll Bring Dessert

I spent the night at my parents house and it wasn’t completely planned so I didn’t have as many options for lipstick as I normally would. I did have this lipstick from Belle En Argent because I’ve been planning to try it out and see how I like it for an upcoming Ipsy Glam Bag Review. I’m really drawn to the colour and I already want to wear it all the time. I find it’s pretty similar to the Maybelline Spicy Mauve lipstick! In the afternoon I went to see Dear Evan Hansen and out for dinner with my best friend so it was the perfect way to end of my birthday week!

What lipsticks have you tried out recently that you love? I’m always looking to try out new things and add amazing products to my collection!


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