February 2019 Favourites

February 2019 Favourites

Throughout the month of February I spent a lot of time more focused on testing out new products and wearing very minimal makeup most of the time. But there were a few products this month that I just couldn’t get enough out of. I’ve rounded up the products that I just couldn’t put down over the last month!

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Smashbox – Studio Skin Flawless 24 Hour Concealer

Lately I’ve been going through my makeup collection and trying to use up a lot of products within certain categories that I have an overabundance of. One of those categories is my concealers. I used to be obsessed with trying out new concealers all the time and that’s left me with a box of product that I’m never going to get through. I decided to try out this Smashbox concealer more recently because I felt like I didn’t test it out long enough because I didn’t actually review the Ipsy bag that I received this in. I’m actually surprised at how well this works for me! It does a really great job at concealing my undereyes and keeping them look bright and awake. It doesn’t look that bad when I don’t set the concealer with powder after applying which is a huge bonus for me because I like applying this on my morning commute when I don’t have time to powder my face!

IT Cosmetics – Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil

This was a surprising favourite for the month. I remember trying this brow pencil out quite some time ago and hating it. It used to be so dry and hard to work with. But lately I’m running out of Brow products in my collection and haven’t really wanted to buy anything new until I used up what I have. I had a brand new Brow Power still in the box and I figured now would be the perfect time to give it another try. After using it for the past month or so I’m so so so in love with the look it gives my brows. I think the colour and tone is perfect to match my hair right now. I can make this look natural and more precise but I can also quickly fill in all the sparseness I have in my brows. I love that this is almost an oval shape because it makes the application process so quick and I still can get the precise pointed ends because of the way that the oval shape goes out at the sides. This has a fairly creamy formula that’s easy to work with but it also stays in place and works perfectly in keeping my brows in check all day.

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Colourpop – Large Empty Palette + Face and Eyeshadow Pans

At the beginning of February my boyfriend and I went on vacation in Jamaica. It was an amazing trip and I did a really good job at limiting the amount of makeup that I brought with me. I knew I really just needed the essentials because I wouldn’t be wearing makeup that often. So I put together a collection of my Colourpop eyes and cheek products. This has been amazing for me because it has all my staple products in one spot – eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and highlight. I’ve been using this even after I got back from vacation because it’s so convenient to have everything in one place. I’m still working on perfecting the eyeshadow portion of the palette but in the next few weeks I’m planning to break down everything I have in this palette. I think having a magnetic palette with all your staple products is essential and makes your makeup routine quick and simple!

February 2019 Favourites || I’ve rounded up the beauty products that I just couldn’t put down over the last month || #beautyfavourites #smashbox #itcosmetics #colourpop #drbotanicals #toofaced #makeupfavourites #bestofbeauty #bestinbeauty

Dr Botanicals – Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil

The cold winter weather has been ruining my face. I was hoping going away on vacation in a warmer climate would help but it still needed an extra boost. I’m surprised with how much I liked this oil. It made my skin feel and look hydrated without being greasy. It sunk into my skin fairly quickly and I could just feel the boost of hydration after using this. It’s definitely going to be a staple in my winter skincare routine going forward since I see and feel such a difference in my skin.

Too Faced – Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

I included this in my most recent shop my stash post because it was a primer that I just didn’t use nearly as much as I probably should have. I honestly feel like this is pretty similar to the Smashbox primerizer on my skin. It actually completely replaced that in my work makeup bag because I like the TooFaced primer a little more right now. I couldn’t stop using it even after I finished up my shop my stash for the month. I’ll totally keep using this and I think it just does such a good job at priming my skin and keeping it looking and feeling moisturized!

Have you tried any of these products? I would love to know what your favourite products were this past month! Let me know in the comments below!



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