Ipsy Review – December 2018

Ipsy Review – December 2018

My December Ipsy review slowly kept getting pushed back because I just never found the time to properly test out all of the products. I was contemplating skipping the review but I figured that I love seeing everyone’s variations regardless of what month it is and I’m hoping other people feel the same way!

This was a really exciting month because they gave 6 sample products rather than the normal 5 that they include in the bag. I’m sure that was because of the holiday season and they wanted to give subscribers an extra treat.

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I’m obsessed with the bag this month. I think it’s super glam and I’ll definitely be using it as a cute little clutch in the future! It’s a little small for my liking but I’ll still make it work for me!

BANG BEAUTY – Blush in Smoked Peach

I really don’t need another blush because that’s one of the product categories in my collection that’s getting a little out of hand. But I can’t help but really enjoy this blush. I think it’s the perfect peach colour that’s going to look stunning in the summertime. It’s applies similar to most other blushes that I like in my collection. It blends out really well on the skin and doesn’t look too shimmery on the cheeks.

CIATÉ LONDON – Glitter Flip Transforming Glitter Liquid Lipstick in Infamous

I was really excited when I saw that this was going to be in my Ipsy Bag! I’ve really been wanting to try this because I’ve seen so many YouTubers post reviews and first impressions of it! Everyone I saw who tried it had such a dramatic transformation that I was really hoping that it would work the same way for me. I do think the glitter showed up after you let this dry but it wasn’t nearly as dramatic and what I’ve seen other people get. It took a few times of smacking my lips together for me to get the full experience. That’s really not the end of the world though because as long as it looks the way it should be in the end I’m happy. I’m not the biggest fan of glitter in makeup though so I don’t actually know how much use I’ll get out of it in the end.

F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES – Tapered Blending Brush 35E

I really enjoy using this to blend out my eyeshadow looks. It’s been really great at blowing out the eyeshadow in my crease. I find the makeup brush to be really soft and it hasn’t shed at all yet. I really like the handle as well. It has a little cut out for your finger while you’re holding it to apply and it just feels fairly good quality. I don’t really think I need anymore makeup brushes in my collection because it’s getting really overwhelming for me but this is a really good quality product so I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

GRACE & STELLA – Dead Sea Mud Mask

I’ve tried this out a few times and I honestly haven’t seen this do anything to my skin. Upon application this is extremely watered down and can be slightly difficult to build up and apply. The packaging does say to apply a thin layer but I honestly have trouble applying anything at all to my face. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight though which is a bonus. I just don’t see this actually benefiting my skin so I would rather spend my time and money using a mud mask that works well on my skin.

THEBALM COSMETICS – Foiled Again Eyeshadow in Red-Handed

I’ve never been drawn to products by The Balm for some reason. I adore their marketing, packaging and all the themes that they have surrounding their products. But I’ve never found their products to wow me very much. I’m sure that’s partly because the only products I’ve really tried from the brand have come out of a subscription box. This eyeshadow performed really well but I don’t think it was better than any of the other eyeshadows I already have. I would almost argue that I actually like shadows like Colourpop a whole lot more. I’ll try to get some use out of this but I’m afraid I’m going to put this in one of my makeup drawers and it will just disappear forever.

NOMAD COSMETICS – Around-The-World Light Infusion Holographic Illuminator in Ko Pha Ngan Moonlight

I tried this a few times as a highlighter and I think I would have liked it if it was in a different colour. I just found that the purple and blue tint was fairly obvious. I also thought that the colour might have been a little to dark for my skin tone. It seemed like you could see the darkness of the highlighter even when my cheekbone wasn’t reflecting in the light. It also is such a small little pan so I think it can be a little difficult to get a lot of product on your brush unless you use something that’s a little more dense – which luckily I do so I can make that work. It did have quite a bit of kick up but I don’t really mind that when it comes to face products since you have more space on the skin to blend everything out.


I was able to pick out a few extra products to add to my subscription and I’m very excited about the options I received.

OAUI – Scalp and Body Scrub

I’ve been loving just about every Oaui product I’ve been able to try so far. I was really intrigued to give this a try because I really like scalp scrubs and I love the idea that this can also be used on the body. I have a problematic scalp so using these scrubs have been a really great way to get rid of any scalp buildup or dandruff that I have. This did a fairly good job of rinsing out of my hair and bringing my scalp back to life. I also used this as a body scrub while I was shaving and I felt like it did a wonderful job of clearing out all the dead skin cells and leaving my skin feelings soft and smooth!

IT COSMETICS – Superhero Mascara

This is one of my all time favourite mascaras so I was super excited to get it for such a low cost. This does an amazing job at really volumizing and lengthening your lashes. It wears such a long time and I never have any problems or flakes when I’m wearing this. I’m really excited to have it back in my collection because I definitely feel like I’ve been missing out without it!

Ciate Lipstick, TheBalm Eyeshadow, Nomad Cosmetics Highlighter, Bang Beauty Blush

Have you tried out any of the products that I received in this month’s Ipsy bag? I would love to know your experiences with them in the comments below!


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