Sample Packs I’ve Used Up – Fabruary 2019

Sample Packs I’ve Used Up – Fabruary 2019

I’m really hoping to make it more of a mission in 2019 to use up a lot of the sample packs that I have in my collection! I think blog posts like this can really hold me accountable for my usage. I’ve also tried to put all my sample products out in the open so that I’m more willing to reach for them and to remember that they are there.

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Lancome – Energie de Vie The Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask

Well I’m super glad I was able to give this product a try. I don’t know if it was something I would have ever purchased myself but I definitely won’t be purchasing it now that I’ve tried it out! My skin just wasn’t a fan of this. I woke up with clogged pores on my cheeks ever single time I ended up using this! It also has an extremely strong scent that just smells like a gross kind of floral scent. I wasn’t a fan and my boyfriend definitely wasn’t a fan at all.

IT Cosmetics – Confidence in a Cleanser Skin-Transforming Hydrating Cleansing Serum

Overall this was a good cleanser that cleared my skin of makeup and the usual daily grime. I found that it didn’t strip my skin of moisture and left it feeling fresh but clean! I’m just a little unsure of whether or not there’s really any value in buying high end cleansers when I have drugstore products that work so well. It’s essentially just a glorified soap that ends up just going down the drain. I’d rather save my money and put that towards a high end serum or moisturizer that does a little bit more for my skin long term!

Drunk Elephant – Lala Retro Whipped Cream

I really enjoyed using this face cream but I don’t know if it really performs much better than a lot of the lower price products that I’ve used in the past. Maybe this is something you need to use a few more times before you start to see the results and reason behind its hype. I know I tried out samples of some of the other drunk elephant products and realized instantly why they were so hyped up. I would probably want to try to find a deluxe sample size or something before I finally went out to buy this product. I have quite a few face creams though so I think I would really want to wait to use a lot of those up before I even thought about buying a pricier product like this!


Too Faced – Born This Way Foundation

I’ve been really curious about this foundation because I know so many people that really love it. The last thing I need is more foundation so I figured I would break out this sample and give it a try. First thing was that this was definitely not the right colour for me it was a little too dark and just didn’t have the right undertone for me. Also after trying it out I noticed all these little bumps on my skin that weren’t there before I tried this out. I also used a foundation that I use all the time (smashbox primerizer) so I couldn’t even blame that. I’m really pleased that I gave this a try before buying a full size of this foundation. I’ll be avoiding it in the future and won’t waste my time of something that my skin just didn’t agree with.


Drybar – Cream Soda Hair Smoothing Cream

I’ve become a hair product junkie lately. I’m always wanting to try something new and see if I can continue to make my hair feel soft and smooth. This did such a great job and I’d definitely consider purchasing it in the future. I’m always a little more willing to splurge on hair care products that I use after my shower. I find those types of products do a lot more for my hair and they last so, so long! I have a lot of hair care products that do a similar job though so I would want to try to use more of those up before I went out to purchase this! I also found out that it seems like this product is discontinued so I’m a little sad that I even bothered to try it because I’ll never be able to buy it seems!

Have you tried any of these products? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below! Are you trying to use up a lot of these sample packs? Let me know your tips and tricks!


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