Colourpop Cosmetics – Good Sport Eyeshadow Palette Review + 3 Looks

Colourpop Cosmetics – Good Sport Eyeshadow Palette Review + 3 Looks

The Colourpop Good Sport eyeshadow palette had me so excited when I first saw the palette announcement. I thought this was such an interesting selection of colours and shades that I don’t always wear. I’ve just never been interested in wearing greens and purples on a regular basis. But something about this palette drew me in and made me want to wear these types of shades on my eyes every single day.

I waited a little while to purchase this palette because I felt like I had an over abundance of palettes and I wasn’t sure I wanted to make a large enough colourpop order to get the free shipping. But around Christmas they had a free shipping promo and I jumped on the chance of picking up just this palette! It looks just as beautiful in person as it does in photographs.

I found the palette to swatch perfectly. Everything applied really well and looked fairly pigmented when I was doing my original swatches. I found some of the shades to be a little chalky upon application though- specifically Sista and EBB.You just have to be careful with those shades because they can potentially make a bit of a mess on the eyes if you don’t.

Wild Out: metallic warm champagne
Hooky: matte rich terracotta
Rookie: burnt orange with blue glitter
Sista: matte vibrant violet

Licious: metallic yellow gold
High Hopes: matte peachy saddle brown
Reckless: matte rich maroon
Trooper: matte marigold

Hooked: metallic icy moss
Trophies: matte dusty purple
Ebb: vibrant metallic olive
Flow: matte blackened olive brown

I do think that some of these shadows were a little more dry than I’m used to when it comes to colourpop shadows. But I know that all of these shades are harder to formulate and I’m sure that’s part of the reason behind the slightly different formula. I do think that because of the dryer formula I was really able to slowly work up the colour and avoid a huge blown out mess of bold shadows. I don’t always use purples and greens so it was important for me to have a formula of shadows that I could really slowly work with.

Out of all of the shades that I applied I only found to have a problem with Flow. It seemed to skip in certain places on my eye and I just could not fully pack on the shade and make it look pigmented in the places I wanted it to. I had a bald spot of colour on one of my eyes when I used it for the second look I created.

Look 1

High Hopes – transition, outer lid, lower lash for blending
Trooper – crease
Licious – outer lid
Wild Out – inner lid
Hooky – lower lash

Look 2

High Hopes – transition, lower lash for blending
Sista – crease, lower lash
Flow – inner and outer corner of lid
Wild Out – centre of lid

Look 3

Trooper – transition, lower lash for blending
Trophies – crease, lower lash
Hooked – all over lid
Wild Out – inner corner highlight
EBB – dabbed on the center of the lid

Overall I loved this palette and I feel like it really got me out of my comfort zone and trying out a lot of different fun and bold looks. I’m so glad I picked up this palette and I’m super excited to keep playing around with it and getting different looks. I definitely think you can get a ton of different and unique looks out of this palette and the three that I put together for this review are only the beginning!

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