Ipsy Review – November 2018

Ipsy Review – November 2018

I’m a little delayed in posting my Ipsy review for November but with the craziness of the holiday season I just never had a chance to really test out the products. I didn’t want to post this review until I was able to properly test out everything! When I first saw all the products I was really excited to give them all a try! It seemed like there was a lot of products that I’ve never heard anything about which always makes for a fun experience!

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I wasn’t the biggest fan of the bag design this month. I think the size of the bag was a little small compared to some of the last bags. The design was also really boring in my opinion. I just wasn’t really in love with it and it didn’t really give me those Winter/November vibes.

EDDIE FUNKHOUSER – Twisted Kisses Matte Lip Crayon in Kiss Me Twice

I surprisingly enjoyed this lipstick. I found it was fairly comfortable while still being matte. It didn’t really dry up my lips or get flakey, which I always want to avoid when it comes to matte lipsticks. I liked that it was a lip crayon also – I always find that lip crayons are usually glossy so this was a nice treat for me. I didn’t always like lip crayons in the past but they are slowly growing on me.

HELIOS – I Only Fly in First

This was a really interesting product. I was kind of hoping it would be similar to a Colourpop Super Shock shadow – but it was a little bit more like a wet traditional eyeshadow. I normally don’t wear deep purple colours so I don’t know if this is going to be the most useful shade for me. It did apply alright but for a cream to powder formula I expected it to be a bit more foiled on the eyes. It worked alright but I think I have a lot better eyeshadows that I would reach for more than this one.

CIATÉ LONDON – Wonderwand Mascara in Black Magic

Oh boy. This was such a mess. I actually hated this mascara so much. I’ve heard pretty good things about it so I was excited to give it a try originally. It’s also a fairly expensive brand so I thought it would going to work so well! I’m not really picky about mascara all the time but I basically just need the mascara to stay on my lashes. This flaked so much that by the end of the day it looked like I wasn’t even wearing mascara. Which was beyond frustrating and luckily the first time I wore it I wasn’t really going anywhere special. I thought maybe it might get better with time but every single time i’ve used this I end up with my mascara flaking all over the place. I definitely will be throwing this mascara out because I have no use for mascara that doesn’t work for me!

SAND & SKY – Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

I always have mixed experiences with clay masks. I find they either completely dry out my skin or they do an awesome job at pulling out all the gunk on my skin. This one was fairly effective and left my skin feeling comfortable. The mask dried fairly quickly and I removed it at the 10 minute mark. The mask was really easy to remove and came off with some warm water and a face cloth. I actually noticed after first use that some of the clogged pores on my cheeks and nose were ready to be cleared out. I would recommend using this on the weekend when you don’t have a lot of plans and are looking to really clear up your skin.

LOTTIE LONDON – Blush in Zayn

I love that I received such a large pan of blush. We usually just get small little squares of blush in Ipsy so this was a nice treat. It is a little awkward though for people who might not have an empty magnetic palette since this didn’t come with any type of case or packaging. This was pretty pigmented and you just had to use a light hand when applying the blush. It lasted a normal amount of time on my skin and kept me looking fresh faced whenever I wore it. I definitely want to try out more product from this brand because I’ve heard a lot of great things about it!

Bonus Products

This month I picked out two bonus products that I was really excited to get. I’ve been loving that Ipsy has been offering samples at a fairly affordable price. It lets you pick out a few extra things that you maybe don’t want to buy a full price product of!


This has been one of my all time favourite facial oils (I actually have a review of the light version of the oil that you can read here: https://nudelipdiaries.com/2018/01/24/josie-maran-argan-oil/). The Josie Maran skincare products work so well on my skin and really help to bring moisture and make my skin look alive in the winter. I find that it really does save my skin and bring back to the moisture that I’m lacking in the colder months. I actually just finished up the bottle that I reviewed in that previous post so it was time for a replacement product! I’ve been using the Drunk Elephant marula oil for the time being and it works well but i’ll be happy to go back to this Josie Maran sample when i’ve used the DE sample up!

JUNO & CO – Microfiber Velvet Sponge

EVERYONE on Youtube has been talking about this makeup sponge. It looked so interesting but I just had no idea of how to get my hands on it in Canada without spending a crazy amount of money. So when it was an option for an Ipsy Add On I jumped at the chance to give it a try. After using it a few times I actually really like it. I find it’s a little harder than a beauty blender but it seemed to suck up a lot less product. It gave me a bit more coverage than the beauty blender usually does. I liked the size of the sponge and the fact that it had a flat and pointed end on it. That made applying concealer just a little bit easier!

Overall I think this was a fairly good box. The only complete fail of a product for me was the mascara but I was still really happy to try it out so that I never end up buying this in the future – I now know it’s not the right product for me!

What products did you receive in your Ipsy bag for November? I would love to know in the comments below!


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