I Blogged Everyday For A Month – What I Learned From NaBloPoMo

I Blogged Everyday For A Month – What I Learned From NaBloPoMo

A few months ago I decided that I wanted to challenge myself with posting on the blog more regularly. I decided that instead of just having a regular blogging schedule I would take it to the extreme and post every single day for the month of November. It was for National Blog Post Month or NaBloPoMo. It was a difficult task but I managed to complete it – which was kind of shocking because I didn’t really know if I was going to be able to stick to it.

It showed me that I really can post a lot more often on the blog and I just have to get myself up off my couch and in front of my computer. There was a few other things that I learned that I wanted to share with my readers!


With the winter weather and lack of sunlight getting blogging photos were so important! Planning for blogging photos was tough but I set aside days where all I did was just take hundreds of photos. I actually went into November having photos for 20 out of the 31 blogs mostly complete. I basically just wrote down all of the photos that I needed to take, rounded up all of the products and got so many images completed!

I would recommend quickly going over all of the photos before you lose the sunlight. There was a few times that I went to edit my photos a few days later only to realize that all the product shots I took of one product were blurry and I had to move around my blog schedule a little bit to make it all work!

If I can give any other feedback when it comes to photography it’s to constantly have an idea of what your camera’s battery life is or to have fully charged backup batteries. I can’t tell you how many times I went to use my camera with just a couple of hours of sunlight left only to find out that I had 5% battery left. Needless to say I now own two back up batteries with an external charger.

Plan, Plan, Plan

I pretty much had every blog post planned out before October even started. This made it easier for me to think about everything in advanced and get started planning out posts ahead of time. It also made things easy throughout the month because I knew everything that I was doing well in advance and I didn’t have to come up with any blog post ideas on the spot. It also meant that I felt like all the posts that I came out with were meaningful and something I wanted to talk about rather than something I pulled together last minute – not that anything is wrong with that I just have a much harder time creating content that way.

I have a Happy Planner and a ton of different colourful erasable pens and that meant I was able to keep my blog plans and work in check. It helped me try to keep myself on schedule even though that didn’t always work out the way that I planned.

Social Media

Social media and blog promotion really does make a huge difference. Because I was so focused on getting content up on my blog I wasn’t spending as much time promoting all of my posts on different social channels. I found that really did affect my blog views – most of my older and socially shared posts were doing a lot better compared to the posts that I was putting out for NaBloPoMo.

I also realized just how much time I spend mindlessly scrolling on instagram. I love being on that platform but it’s such a time sucker. There was many days that I only spent a few minutes on Instagram because I was so focused on getting my blog ahead of schedule. I honestly feel like I don’t spend nearly as much time on Instagram now, but I’m sure that will change overtime!

Batch Working Blogging Tasks

I realized just how important batch working was while blogging as often as I was in November. If you don’t know what batch working is it’s basically working on one specific task for a long period of time. So one day might be spent on photography, then another day is spent writing blog posts and then another day is all working on social media. It’s really effective because you end up losing a lot of time trying to refocus when you switch from task to task. On days where I spent all of my time just focused on completing one task over and over I was way more productive. I got sick halfway through the month and that completely messed with my batch working schedule and I spent a lot of days just trying to catch up on single blog posts and I definitely wasn’t as productive when I got to that point in the month.

Have you ever tried to challenge yourself with something that maybe seems unachievable? Have you tried something like NaBloPoMo – or maybe blogmas or blogtober? I’d love to know your tips for that down below! This is definitely something I’d love to do again next year so I’d love to hear your experiences!

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