Lipstick Feature Friday: Bobbi Brown Lux Liquid Lip High Shine

Lipstick Feature Friday: Bobbi Brown Lux Liquid Lip High Shine

A few months ago I attended the Chickadvisor Showcase in Toronto. It was an awesome event where you got to test out and live review a huge assortment of products. I was able to test out the Bobbi Brown Lux Liquid Lip High Shine. I’ve actually really enjoyed the products since I’ve started wearing them and I wanted to put up a post on them since they are so pricey.

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The packaging on these lipsticks is so luxurious, which I pretty much expect from a product that is so expensive. It has a doe foot applicator that does apply an even amount of product and it makes things really precise when you apply it. The applicator on the shade Italian Rose stresses me out a bit though because every time I go to remove it from the tube it feels like I have to use a lot of force to take it out and I’m always afraid I’m going to rip off the end of the applicator in the process. The other two shades that I have don’t seem to do that though!

They are a satin formula so they don’t completely dry down. They aren’t kiss proof and I find that the colour does easily come off on things like cups and straws. I have a water bottle with a straw that I take to work everyday and if I wear these lipsticks than my water bottle is covered in lipstick by the end of the day. But that’s just the type of product that you usually get with a satin and comfortable lipstick formula.

There is a floral scent to the lipsticks but it isn’t overpowering and it disappears fairly quickly upon application.

I love the three colours that I have but the shade Italian Rose is my favourite. It’s the perfect shade for everyday while still being a little deep and bold with my skin colour. I find the shade Camisole has an odd almost orange undertone to it which can really make my teeth look discoloured sometimes, but I love putting this overtop of a brown or mauve lip liner. I love the red shade but the formula can be a little too messy for my liking with a shade this bold!

Camisole, Italian Rose, Red The News

Overall I’m really happy with these products and I would definitely recommend them if you’re looking to splurge. Just be aware of the formula going into it and it shouldn’t be a problem! Have you tried this lipstick out before? I would love to know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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