November 2018 Monthly Favourites

November 2018 Monthly Favourites
This has been such a crazy month for my blog and for testing out products. I feel like I haven’t stopped thinking about my blog, which has been both stressful and invigorating. I’ve proved to myself that I can have a regular blogging schedule and I can blog a lot more than I think I can.

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So far I’ve been successful in my NaBloPoMo plans and it’s been amazing to see the effects of putting out content on a regular basis.

But because I’ve been so focused on testing out products and getting blog posts together finding favourites has been so tough!

But I was able to round up a few products that I seriously couldn’t live without.

Ole Henriksen – Pore Balance Facial Sauna Scrub

This has been my go to facial scrub for the last month and a bit. I have a blog post that I recently posted that goes into quite a bit of depth about it, which you can read here. This is basically the perfect spa like scrub. It does an amazing job at clearing my skin and making it feel as if it’s actually doing something when I use it. I’ve had really good results using this regularly and my skin just looks clear and softer everytime I use it!

Maybelline – Brow Precise Micro Crayon

This has been my go to brow pencil for the last month! I actually completely used it up on the day that this post is going live which is crazy! It’s one of the few precise brow crayons that I find I can use quickly while still making my Brows look natural! That doesn’t always happen for me when I try to do my Brows. It’s a great product and super affordable which is always a plus!

Bite Beauty – Agave Lip Mask

I honestly feel bad saying that this has been a favourite for me for the last month because I’ve always been so ride or die for Fresh lip products. But this has been such a great mask to hydrate and nourish my lips at night. I find it really does a great job at helping my lips stay smooth when I don’t have any cracks or cuts on my lip. It’s a good lip balm for everyday usage but I still need to use my Fresh lip products when things start to get crazy and my lips start to crack.

It Cosmetic – Bye Bye Undereye

My undereye bags have been out of control this month. I’ve really had a lot of late nights and early mornings because of work, my personal life and my blog. I’m actually surprised I was able to blog so much with how busy I was these last few weeks. But because of that I needed to break out the heavy duty concealer. I love using this this because it does an amazing job at covering all the discolouration without looking dry and heavy under my eyes. Sometimes I don’t like the look of the Tarte Shape Tape because it’s so high coverage that it looks dry but this has similar coverage without ending up cakey looking after a few hours!

Laneige – Eye Sleeping Mask

Like the last product I mentioned this has been a must have for keeping my undereyes under control. I’ve really enjoyed using this on a regular basis and I found it helped to keep my undereyes hydrated which has been wonderful. It’s a very wet feeling product but it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. It sinks into the undereyes fairly quickly for me and I never have any problems with the product slipping and sliding all over my face. The pump on this sample size does give quite a bit of product so I usually end up sharing it with my boyfriend if I still have a lot left after application – which happens more often than not. But luckily the full size product doesn’t seem to have the same applicator so you wouldn’t have that issue if you went out to buy it!

Neutrogena – Therapeutic Shampoo

This has been life changing for all the scalp issues that I’ve had in the past! I have a dry and flakey scalp and nothing has really helped to fix it or soothe it in the past. I went a few months without having this in my shower and it was a hard time for my scalp. After a month of using it regularly again I’ve had such a noticable improvement in my scalp and I’ve been so happy. It’s rare that I have an itchy and flakey scalp now unless I’ve gone some time without washing my hair. This product won’t be leaving my shower again anytime soon! It smells nasty but it works so well!

These were kind of boring favourites this month but they were products that I kept reaching for and we’re essentials in my beauty routine! Have you tried any of these products before? I’d love to know what your favourites were this month!


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