Swatch Saturday: Alamar Palette

Swatch Saturday: Alamar Palette

I was about to cancel my Boxycharm subscription a few months ago when I saw a sneak peek that included the Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe Vol.1 palette. I really wanted this palette in my collection but I wasn’t sure if it would be worth all the hassle of shipping it to me from the states. An affordable palette quickly becomes expensive when you have to pay for shipping, duties, and the currency conversion. But I was super excited because Boxycharm was going to be sending it to me that month and it’s way less of a hassle that way! I did cancel my boxycharm the following month though!

The colour palette in this collection is stunning. I love when a palette has such a huge variety of colours but they all still work so well together. This has the perfect assortment of cool tones and warm tones. It’s also half matte and half shimmer/metallic which I think is amazing! There’s only 8 shades but I think you could get a lot of different looks out of this palette.

I love the packaging! It’s just so fun and summery. It works so well with the vibes of the shadows.

One cool aspect of this palette is the fact that you can clearly see which shadows you have to use dry and which can be used wet. There are little suns and water droplets beside each shade name and that indicates how to be use the shadow. Essentially though it’s just that you can use the matte shades dry and the shimmer/metallic shades wet. That seems pretty straight forward for most people but it doesn’t hurt to put that out there with the cute little symbols.

In my swatches all of the shadows were swatched dry with just my finger.

La Costa- (High shine shimmer) Pearly champagne with pink highlights
El Malecon- (Extreme high shine metallic) True gold with rich olive undertones.
Varadero- (Extreme high shine metallic) Stunning deep royal blue/teal.
Celia- (High shine shimmer) Vivid turquoise with gold reflects

Coco-taxi- (Velvet matte) Yellow toned bright orange.
Tropico- (Velvet Matte) Intense burnt orange.
Guantanamera- (Velvet Matte)  Deep raspberry/burgundy
Cafecito- (Velvet Matte) Deep Coffee

Have you tried this palette yet? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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