Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation Review

Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation Review

Physicians Formula has finally released a foundation line that has a fairly decent range of shades making it more accessible to a lot more people. It doesn’t have the largest amount of shades – there’s 16 shades overall – but I think there’s a wide range of colours from light to dark. This isn’t a range that has 15 shades of beige and one darker shade thrown in for diversity. I think this was such a big step for the brand because they’ve always lacked in their shade range and that was the main reason I wanted to give this foundation a try!

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You can find the Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation for about $20 dollars at the drugstore. It is on the pricier side when it comes to drugstore products but if the product is worthwhile than I’m usually willing to pay for it. It had so much hype that I just had to try it out when I found my shade at the store!

The applicator is extremely interesting in my opinion. It applies with a doe foot applicator which I know can be hit or miss for some people. I actually don’t mind it because I find it just makes the whole application process quick and mess free.

There is a scent to the product that can be a little strong when you first apply it. I find it smells really similar to the Wet N Wild Photofocus foundation. The scent disappears fairly quickly for me so I’m willing to work with it!

I’ve been a huge fan of natural and dewy makeup looks lately and this completely fit that description. It’s called The Healthy Foundation for a reason! It gives a very natural finish to the skin while being a little dewy. The foundation is a little bit tacky when you apply it but I find that happens a lot with dewy foundations. But it does eventually dry down for the most part.

It’s not extremely long wearing because of the fact that it is so natural and dewy I find that it kind of wears away by the end of the day. But it would definitely get you through a work day or an event that you might have.

As for the coverage I would say this is a medium coverage foundation. If you have a lot of blemishes you’ll have to go over with a concealer but for the most part I’m okay with that because it tends to make my skin look healthy and fresh in the winter time. It is fairly buildable and still looks natural and skin like – I haven’t found that this made me look cakey at all.

One of the biggest problems with this foundation – and something that tends to happen with dewy foundations is that it it ends up on just about anything it touches. So I 100% recommend setting it down with a powder. I rubs off on clothing fairly easily from my experiences. The powder will bring down some of the dewyness but I would rather it do that than slip and slide everywhere!

Overall I love this foundation for an everyday basis. I think it gives you a look that’s just the next step up from a bb cream or a tinted moisturizer. It’s been my go to foundation for the last few months and I even included it in my favourites last month because I just love it so much! (You can read that post here).

I’m excited to see what else Physicians Formula has to offer us in the future because I think they are finally heading in the right direction within the beauty community! There’s always room for improvement but I think they deserve some recognition for this amazing and affordable foundation!


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