Makeup Bag Monday #12

Makeup Bag Monday #12

I was really excited to try out all of these products because they all feel like basic products that are a must have for any look. I really was excited to incorporate all of these products into my looks because sometimes the products that I end up picking for these Makeup Bag Monday posts can be a little difficult to incorporate into each and every look.

In this series I try out 5 products and attempt to use them every single day for two weeks. This helps to give me a better understanding of exactly how I feel about the products. It sometimes forces me to use products that I rarely reach for or ones that I might have forgotten about.

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Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne – Daydream Eyeshadow Palette

I only originally picked up this palette because I found it on sale at Sephora for half price. It only has five matte shades with two of them being super, super similar. It’s a good quality palette but I don’t find it to be anything spectacular. I was able to use this as a starting point for any look I did though so that was super versatile. The shadows are really soft so there is a bit of kick up but they blend well on the eyes and that’s what really matters. I think it’s a good palette to have in my collection but I don’t think it’s really amazing or something you have to go out and buy.

NYX – Pin Up Pout Lipstick in Individualistic

I’ve had this in my collection for quite some time and I remember that I used to really like it! I’ve just had so many new lipsticks that came into my collection that I just never reached for this anymore. I always find that NYX has good quality lipstick in all the products that I have tried. This is fairly long lasting but it’s not kiss proof. It’s your basic deep brown lipstick but it has this gorgeous and unique blue/purple shift to it that you never usually see in brown lipstick! I definitely want to wear this a lot more often going forward because it’s just such a fun twist on a normal brown lipstick.  

Maybelline – Superstay Multi-Use Foundation Stick in 120 Classic Ivory

Lately I’ve been a huge fan of stick foundations. I love how quick and easy it is to just paint your face with the stick. I’ve never had the best luck with drugstore stick foundations, but I’ve had this in my collection for a while and I just couldn’t remember how I felt about this. I definitely think it’s important to use a hydrating primer underneath because it is more of a dry foundation. I could only every buff this foundation in with a dense kabuki type brush – a beauty blender just made everything look splotchy. I’ll definitely keep using this in the future and I’m super happy with how affordable the product is with how it performs!

Laura Mercier – Loose Setting Powder in Translucent

I’ve been such a fan of pressed powder lately because of the ease of use but I wanted to try out loose powder again. I haven’t actually used this much over the last year or so. After using this over the last two weeks I’ve realized I like the look so much better than pressed powder. It really makes my eyes look smooth and it adds an extra layer of coverage. I really enjoyed using it and I’m definitely planning to use it a lot more often on the future, even though it isn’t the most convenient way to use a powder.

Too Faced – Bronzer in Milk Chocolate Soleil

I haven’t used this bronzer in ages. I almost even forgot that it existed so it was great to try it out again. I found it wasn’t as amazing as I remember it to be. It always ended up a little splotchy on my cheeks and I was never quite happy with how it looked when I completed all my makeup. I even tried a couple different brushes and it always turned out the same. I used to love this bronzer so I’m thinking it might be going bad or something since it is a product I’ve had in my collection for a long time. I love love love the scent though and that’s definitely what drove me to buy it originally and I want to repurchase it in the future to see if I love it again.

Next month I want to switch to doing this on a monthly basis because I think it will give me a lot more time to really try out all of the products and have a better idea of what products I like and don’t like.

The products that I’ll be using for the next month are:

Juice Beauty – Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer
Urban Decay – Vice Special Effects Lip Top Coat in Fever
Yves Saint Laurent -Touche Eclat Radiant Touch in 2
Colourpop – Makeup Ur Mind Shadow Palette
Wet N Wild – Megaglo Highlighting Palette (Shades Sweet Peony, Diamond Lily, Wild Cosmos, Blushing Azalea)

Have you tried any of these products? I’d love to know your thoughts on them in the comments below!


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