Ipsy Review – October 2018

Ipsy Review – October 2018

Ipsy is one of my all time favourite subscription services. I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy long before I even had an idea of how to use a majority of the products that I received. It’s an inexpensive way to try out a bunch of different beauty products on a regular basis. Each month, subscribers receive a Glam Bag with 5 deluxe samples and/or full-sized beauty products. The service costs $10 USD, shipping is free within the US and an additional $4.95 USD to ship to Canada.

This month Ipsy gave subscribers the option to add additional products to their bag for $3 USD. I thought that was such a cool idea to try out even more products for a reasonable price. They gave an option of 6 or 7 products I think and I decided to purchase one. I’ve been wanting to try this cleanser out so it was the perfect option for me!

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Picking the bonus product did add a delay to Ipsy shipping out my product but to be honest it arrived around the same time that it usually does for me. So I’m not sure if they sent it out as express or what but I was pretty pleased with that!

The bag this month was pretty cute and it was the perfect size. I like the mask imprint on it but I would have rather it had just been blank. I probably won’t end up using it since I find that to be a little cheesy.

YENSA – Tone Up Primer

I have enough primers that I don’t think I’ll ever need one again for the rest of my life. But I always somehow end up buying more and wanting to try more. I just haven’t found my perfect primer and I won’t stop until I find something life changing. This was a good product but I don’t know if it’s anything amazing. I did find that this brightened my skin – but it wasn’t anything that made a real difference since I just applied foundation over top of it and covered any skin brightening effects. It did a good job at prepping my skin for foundation and other face products but I found it worked like a lot of other primers that I already have in my collection.

THEBALM COSMETICS – Take Home the Bronze in Oliver

This was the perfect bronzer for my fall complexion. I’m pretty pale in the cooler months and sometimes bronzer can make me look muddy or orange but this did a great job at naturally warming up my skin. I found that it blended out well and it was a large enough pan for me to really be able to test out the product. Sometimes the samples from The BalmCosmetics are the size of a small eyeshadow and it’s hard to really try everything out but this was perfect!

SOO AE – Donkey Milk Sleep Mask

I actually really like this product! Lately I’ve been loving trying sleep masks because I love the idea of a product helping my skin while I’m asleep. I found that this did a great job at making my skin feel soft and hydrated when I woke up in the morning. I do wish that they would have sent this product in some kind of normal tube packaging or something because I felt like the foil packs were fairly large and had more product than just one usage. I ended up getting a few usages out of each one and it would have been way easier and more sanitary to have the product in normal packaging. Overall I would totally purchase this again in the future!

TARTE – Double Duty Beauty™ Shape Tape Contour Concealer in 12N Fair Neutral

I was actually so excited to get this in my Ipsy bag. I’m already a pretty big fan of the Tarte shape tape. I have two shades of it already and this one is a slightly different shade than what I already own but it’s perfect for me. I love having the option now to have a small size that I can put in my purse for any makeup I apply on the go! This is such an awesome full coverage concealer and I highly recommend it for everyone!

SUGAR COSMETICS – It’s A-Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick in Better Call Salmon

I’ve never heard anything about this brand but everything about the product looked super cute and I was definitely into the colour of it. It’s the perfect colour for fall and winter in my opinion! I really enjoyed the formula of this. I found it to be fairly long lasting and pretty comfortable on the lips. I also applied this over a lip balm one of the days that I tried it out and I think I loved it even more that way. It made it look a little more satin and it still was fairly long wearing and even more comfortable! I definitely want to look into more products by this brand!


MURAD – Essential-C Cleanser

This was the bonus product that I picked out and I was so excited to give it a try! I’ve always had good results with any Murad product that I’ve tried out. This did a good job at removing any makeup or grime on my face while still being gentle. It does have a light citrus scent that I’m super in to! I am always a little weary about scents but if its a cleanser that you end up just washing off than I feel like it can’t be too bad!

Overall I think this was such an amazing bag this month! I think I’ll end up getting a lot of use out of every single product that I received!

I’m hoping that Ipsy will continue to allow subscribers to add extra products to their bags! Did you manage to snag any of the add ons? I would love to know which ones you picked out in the comments below!


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