Swatch Saturday: Smashbox Cover Shot Ablaze Palette

Swatch Saturday: Smashbox Cover Shot Ablaze Palette

I’ve been such a fan of smaller travel size type palettes! It’s impossible for me to go through a whole eyeshadow so it’s way better value for me to get the smaller eyeshadow palettes! So when the Cover Shot palettes were released from Smashbox I instantly fell in love with them! I love how cute and compact they are and it’s the perfect amount of shadow for my needs.

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Since I’m such a fan of warm eyeshadows I knew the Ablaze palette was for me! I thought it had the perfect mixture of warm shades to get a variety of different looks from only 8 eyeshadow colours!

Ablaze (hot, desert-inspired shades): With shades in rich red clay and hot terra-cotta, this palette captures the warmth of the desert in a range of sun-drenched shades—these dimensional pigments are perfect for adding depth and contouring.

Relaxed (matte pinky beige)
Siesta (warm pink shimmer)
Nirvana (red rock shimmer)
Delirious (deep bronze shimmer)

Moccasin (warm gold shimmer)
Torch (warm orange shimmer)
Throwback (matte red clay)
Dark Horse (deep earth brown)

I do think the the Ablaze palette pulls a little more to the pink side than the red and orange shades that I originally was hoping for. You can create a few different looks with the palette though which I think is good for such a small and compact palette. It’s a great palette but be prepared for the pink colours to come through more with most of the looks that you create!


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