Lipstick Feature Friday: Sephora Collection Rouge Balm

Lipstick Feature Friday: Sephora Collection Rouge Balm

Recently I tested out the Sephora Collection Rouge Balm in the shade 03 Enchanted Blush. I always love a good tinted lip balm. I love wearing lipstick but my lips are always on the more dry side so it’s amazing when the lip product that I wear has some added benefits to it like hydrating my lips. I wanted to give one of the Sephora Rouge Balms a try because I never hear anyone talking about them but they look like such a cute product.

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I love the packaging and I think it looks like luxury product packaging! It’s just so fun and I love that I haven’t smushed the lipstick with the lid yet because that always somehow happens to me. The lipstick does twist down pretty far into the tube so that your safe from messing it up with the cap. I do wish the the colour and information for the lipstick was somewhere other than on the silver part of the tube on a weird little clear sticker. I think they easily could have put some of that information on the bottom of the tube.

Surprisingly this lipstick has way more of a tint than I was expecting it to have. It honestly has more pigment and looks nicer on the lips than some regular bullet lipsticks that I’ve tired.

The Rouge Balm does have a rather large and flat tip so it can be a little messy to apply if you aren’t careful. But I feel like it’s fairly standard for a lip balm, it’s just this lip balm is really pigmented.

It’s not the most long lasting lipstick but I found that it lasted a few hours before it started to fade. It left a stain on my lips after it completely faded which was a pretty intense and permanent. That was probably my least favourite part of the lipstick.

The scent is to die for! It smells like yummy fruits – kind of like a strawberry medley of some sorts.

Overall I’m so surprised by how much I adore this lip balm! I’ll definitely be purchasing a few more colours in the future!


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