Mask Monday: Dr Jart – Shake & Shot Rubber Mask in Hydro

Mask Monday: Dr Jart – Shake & Shot Rubber Mask in Hydro

After loving the Dr Jart+ Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution Sheet mask last month I figured I wanted to try out a few other masks by the brand. The Shake and Shot Rubber Mask really was intriguing for me so I figured that would be the best mask to try out next. The rubber mask trend just seems so odd, yet interesting. I’ve been wanting to try a rubber mask for a while and this seemed like a great time to do it!

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There’s four different options when it comes to the targeted results of the mask: Hydro, Brightening, Firming and Soothing. I decided to go with the Hydro mask since my skin can always use a burst of some hydration!

The whole experience of this mask is rather interesting. There’s a little shaker cup with two packages of product that you squeeze into the cup and mix together. I did think that was a little annoying because the large size of the packages made it difficult to squeeze everything out.I ended up with a bit of product from the first package on the sink because I couldn’t squeeze it out easily. The shaking it up portion was fun and it mixed together fairly quickly in my opinion. I ended up stirring it a bit because I didn’t think that it could be completely mixed up after the shaking I did.

Applying it was super simple since they give you a little spatula the looks almost like a paddle. It easily removes most of the product from the cup and applies it to the face. I did have some trouble making this look even on the skin but at the end of the day it was pretty even across my face and that’s all that really mattered. It had the perfect amount of product that I was able to apply a fairly thick layer evenly onto my face. The one thing I will mention is that there’s a bit of a lip around the bottom of the cup and that made it kind of difficult to really scoop all the last little bit of the product out of the bottom. They easily could have made the bottom flat or had more of a curved bottom to it.

When applying the mask I did feel a cooling sensation. It wasn’t really intense or uncomfortable but it almost felt like I put a mask from the fridge.

The mask itself felt pretty solid on my face. It didn’t really drip or move on my face and I was able to just go along with my night normally. The only thing that bothered me is that I was talking most of the time that I was wearing the mask and I think that caused the mask to separate a bit from the side of my nose. Since the mask seperated from my nose and was kind of flapping around a little bit it actually started tickling me a little bit (I’m SUPER ticklish so this might just be a problem for me and not something that ends up happening and bothering you!).

The removal process was so easy that it was actually shocking! Since it dried into a rubberized mask it just all peeled off completely with just a few little small bit of product left around the edges of my face. I’m so used to peel off masks that can end up a little goopy on my face if you even put just the slightest amount of extra product so this was a wonderful removal experience.

After removing the mask I noticed that my skin felt cool and hydrated. It was an interesting feeling because my skin felt bouncy and I really would love to know what exactly it was about this mask that brought that feeling to my skin. I felt like the moisturizer that I applied after absorbed so well and made my skin feel super hydrated and healthy.

I definitely would love to purchase this mask and a few of the other Rubber masks in the future. I think this will help make my skin feel so much better in the wintertime – especially because they already predicting this to be a horribly cold winter! I feel like this was way more hydrating than the Laneige mask that I tried last week but it’s also a lot more expensive than that mask is. I definitely want to try to treat my skin a little better in the winter this year and I can already tell this will be a staple in my overall skincare routine!

Have you tried out any of the Rubber Masks from Dr. Jart? I would love to hear your thoughts about your experience in the comments below!


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