Colourpop Zodiac Collection Swatches

Colourpop Zodiac Collection Swatches

I’m obsessed with any collection that Colourpop and Kathleen Lights collaborate on. The Zodiac Collection is no exception. I can’t get enough of all the unique and fun colours that were released in this collection. I’m not huge into the whole zodiac thing but I can definitely appreciate it and I think the theme worked so well!

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In the collection there is a 12 Pan Eyeshadow Palette, 2 Lux Lipsticks, 2 Super Shock Cheek Highlighters and 2 Supernova Shadows. I think it’s an amazing assortment of products that all work so well together!

I purchased the PR Kit packaging and let me tell you I’ve had this on display ever since! I just can’t stop admiring all the attention to detail on this collection.

Pressed Powder Shadow Palette


The Aries: This metallic firey orange is as bold as your confidence

The Taurus: You can rely on this matte camel brown, uh huh!

The Gemini: Express yourself in this metallic antique gold

The Cancer: This soft peachy pink with a golden sheen feels like home

The Leo: This soft coral with a gold flip is sure to grab your attention

The Virgo: You’ll wear this matte dark chocolate brown with practically every look

The Libra: This matte light dusty rose brings balance to any look

The Scorpio: Share your passion with this rich metallic plum

The Sagittarius: Up for an adventure? Try this matte magenta purple

The Capricorn: Shoot for the stars with this black with gold glitter

The Aquarius: This matte periwinkle blue will unleash your creativity

The Pisces: Be a daydream believer in this vibrant metallic aqua

I have loved every colourpop eyeshadow that I’ve tried. They are all super creamy and blendable. The swatches went on my arm like butter! I honestly think these are some of the most creamy and blendable eyeshadows that I’ve swatches from Colourpop!

There’s a super unique colour selection in this palette and I think this would be a great palette to mix with something a little more neutral. I know a lot of people were talking about how it pairs really nicely with the Colourpop Dream St. Palette and I totally can see that!

Crème Lux Lipsticks


Let this plummy rose reveal your deepest passions.

This is the perfect colour for the cooler fall and winter weather that we have right around the corner!


You’ll really get to know this light neutral nude.

I’m not 100% sold on this colour alone because it’s the tone that typically makes my teeth look yellow but it’s perfect to mix with other colours!

Supernova Shadows


Almost like mind reading, we see this antique olive gold in your future.

This is everything I wanted in an eyeshadow colour! I love telepathy and I’m so glad they’ve made that shade in another formula.


Look to the stars, this champagne pink was made for you.

This is one of the shades that I think is perfect for the Supernova shadow formula!

Super Shock Highlighters


This golden champagne is the best of both worlds.

This is perfection in highlighter form! Definitely will be replacing any of the highlighters I’m currently using!


You’ll be the life of the party in this peachy gold.

I think this shade is a little to dark for pale skin tones but it would look amazing on medium and deeper skin tones! This could be a great blush topper for lighter skin though!


The Cancer, The Gemini, The Taurus, The Aries
The Scorpio, The Libra, The Virgo, The Leo
The Pisces, The Aquarius, The Capricorn, The Sagittarius
Scorpio Moon, What’s Your Sign
Fire, On The Cusp, Constellation, Astrology

Overall this collection did not disappoint and I can’t wait to keep playing around with all the products and creating unique looks!

Did you pick up this collection? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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