Mascara Declutter + Review

Mascara Declutter + Review

After a recently purge of some of my makeup products I realized I had a bunch of mascara tubes rolling around in my drawer that I don’t really use anymore because they were expired/used up. I guess it was just the hoarder in me that didn’t want to throw them out originally. But I’m trying to turn a new leaf and be okay with giving away or throwing out makeup that doesn’t work for me anymore – expired mascara being part of that.

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I’m pretty mindful of my mascara usage and know when I should stop using them. I’ve had a lot of issues with my eyes lately and I don’t want to make things any worse with an expired tube of mascara. I usually use them for about 3 – 6 months. But for some reason with these tubes when they expired I just threw them into a different drawer and didn’t want to throw them out. I’m hoping after blogging about them I can accept that they need to go and throw them all out.

Revlon – Mega Multiplier Mascara in Blackened Brown*

I was originally sent this product for review purposes from Influenster ages ago. It was one of the mascara’s that I ended up falling in love with and I would probably put this in my top 5 favourites. It was super volumizing and made my lashes look long and full. But it was also a tubing mascara so it was so so easy to remove at night. I’m so lazy sometimes when it comes to my night time skin care routine so this made things so much better. After I use up some of the unopened mascara that I have in my collection I’ll definitely repurchase this one!

Rimmel – Shake It Fresh Mascara in Extreme Black

Rimmel Shake It Fresh Mascara Review

I did write a full review of this mascara and I still feel the same way that I originally did. This is such a gimmicky product and I really bought into that. I don’t think that the shake it fresh part of the mascara really did anything for me. I think if you like a more wet and natural looking mascara you would probably like this. But I think being able to shake the mascara kept it from drying down and getting the way I like my mascara to look.

Mac Cosmetics – Extended Play Gigablack Lash

This is probably one of my most repurchased mascaras. I can’t live without this in my collection! It’s my #1 go to for my lower lash line or if I’m just looking to coat my lashes for a basic and simple look! It never smudges or flakes for me. It also doesn’t make my lashes look weird or spidery which is super important! I’m excited that I’ll be able to purchase this from sephora now because that’s always way more accessible for me than trying to get to a Mac store!

Clinique – Chubby Lash in Portly Plum

I don’t know if this was a really great formula but it was a super fun way to change up my look a little bit. I usually ended up using this as a second coat of mascara on top of something else that I was enjoying. It just gave it a nice slight tint and was a fun way of playing with makeup. I don’t think I would ever repurchase this – especially now. There’s been so many new releases of coloured mascara lately that I don’t think I would buy a lackluster product again.

Urban Decay – Troublemaker Mascara in Black

I really enjoyed the sample size of this mascara! It gave me a lot of length and volume whenever I wore this! I love the actual packaging for this product too it makes me want to purchase the full size product just to get it. I found that the formula lasted a long time on my eyes and never smudged or flaked for me. I think I even liked the mascara more as it started to dry up a bit over time! I do think that the wand is a little freaky looking but I can get past that for good looking lashes!

Givenchy – Noir Interdit Mascara in Deep Black*

Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara Review

I was gifted this product by Givenchy for review purposes. I wrote a whole review of this so I won’t go too into depth because my feeling are still essentially the same for this! I still don’t really think the bending wand on this was 100% necessary. But the mascara looked amazing throughout the day whenever I wore it. But I could never get past the strong floral scent. I swear it was so overpowering every single time I would wear it and I’ve never had that kind of problem with a scented makeup product which was so weird!

It’s always refreshing to give a review of products that you used for a long period of time. It gives you a lot of time to develop your feeling for the product. Especially with mascara products. I find I rarely do full reviews of them because it takes me quite a few weeks before I really know exactly how I feel about it since it kind of changes over time.

Have you tried out any of these mascaras? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! I also would love to know what your current favourite mascara is!?

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