Purchase or Pass – New Eye Shadow Palettes

Purchase or Pass – New Eye Shadow Palettes

Lately there’s been an influx of purchase or pass or will I buy it type blog posts and I love them! It’s so fun to watch other people review their purchasing habits and explain what it is about a product that would get them to buy it.

There has been a ton of new eyeshadow palettes that have been releasing over the past couple weeks and I wanted to give my thoughts about which ones I think are worth my money.

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NYX Cosmetics – Swear By It Palette – Pass

Lately I’ve been wanting to get out of my comfort zone and play around with colour a bit more. For the past week and a bit all I’ve wanted to wear on my eyes is bright yellow and I’m ready to be a bit more inspired by colour. I think this has to do with the fact that I can’t stop watching Jkissa’s youtube videos and she just knows exactly what to do when it comes to using fun and bright colours.

But I’m kind of shocked by the price point of this palette. I know that it has a ton of shades and the pans are fairly large but it’s $49 dollars and I think that might be the main reason I have to pass on this one.

Natasha Denona – Mini Lila Eyeshadow Palette – Purchase

I’m so torn as to whether or not I’ll be purchasing this palette. It looks fairly different than most of the palettes that I already own so this might be a great way to change up my palette collection colour scheme. It’s also a great price point to get more Natasha Denona eyeshadows. But I have the other Mini palette that she released a while ago and it was good but I don’t think the formula was as great as some of her other eye shadow palettes. I think I might wait for the upcoming Sephora sale and bite the bullet to purchase it. I think it would be a great palette to have in my collection and I’m curious to see for myself if the formula is any different.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Norvina Eyeshadow Palette – Pass

I have quite the collections of Anastasia Eyeshadow Palettes and I always find they are such great quality. But lately the colour selection just hasn’t been getting me excited. I rarely wear pinks and purples so I feel like I wouldn’t get a whole lot of use out of this palette. I might hold off and wait until it goes on sale or something in the future before I purchase this one. I’m hoping the next palette they release is one that I’ll fall in love with because the only one in the last year or so that I’ve even remotely wanted to purchase is the Soft Glam palette.

Colourpop Cosmetics – The Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette – Purchase

So picking this palette for this post might be a little bit of a cheat because I’ve actually already purchased it. I didn’t even have to think twice about this one because I purchased the whole PR collection. I really didn’t need it but I couldn’t help myself. The collection is stunning and the eyeshadow colours in this palette speak to my soul! I can’t wait until I finally have it in my hands! The colourpop shadows perform beautifully so I’m sure this one won’t be any different.

Fenty Beauty – Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette – Pass

I’ve heard so many awesome reviews about this palette. I think it’s such a better well rounded palette compared to the first fenty beauty one that was released. If I purchased this I think I would end up getting a lot of use out of all of the pops of colour in it. I think it’s a bit more wearable version of the swear by it palette that I mentioned above. The price tag is just a little to high for my liking though – If I’m going to spend 70 dollars on a palette I want to be obsessed with it and not just maybe interested.

Urban Decay – Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette – Maybe

When I saw this I felt like I needed it in my collection. It was such a unique looking palette and I really felt like it was something that I would get so much use out of. But after seeing more and more reviews come out I’ve noticed that it’s super similar to the Colourpop perception palette – which I already own. I definitely think there is a difference between the two a bit but not enough for me to want to purchase this palette at the full price. It is one that I would definitely pick up if there’s a good sale going on.


I really enjoy watching and reading these types of post topics. It’s really cool to get an idea of what factors go into everyone’s buying decisions! I’d love to do these kinds of posts more often so if this is something that you’re interested in please let me know! If you have a purchase or pass blog post or youtube video make sure to leave it in the comments below!

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