March 2018 Favourites

March 2018 Favourites

My March favourites is going up a little late but I loved so many products last month that I didn’t want to miss out on sharing them. I’ve been super under the weather the last week and I just didn’t get a chance to completely finish this blog post for the time that I would have wanted to.
I was all about the quick and simple makeup throughout March. I really only got around to playing with colour on the weekends. All of the products that I picked out as my favourites were ones that I could not put down and carried everywhere with me in my makeup bag!

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Colourpop x Kathleen Lights – Dream St Eyeshadow Palette

I’m obsessed with this palette! I really couldn’t stop using it throughout the whole month of March. I actually got around to using the blue shades on my lower lash line which was exciting! All the shades blended out well and were super pigmented! I’m able to get a ton of different unique looking eye looks with this palette so it’s super versatile and a must have for everyone.


Colourpop – Ultra Glossy Lip in Ipsy VIP & Kat Von D – Everlasting Lipstick in Lovecraft

I love both of these lip products on their own but together they make such a magical lip colour. It looks like such a basic shade but I found that it really made simple makeup look that much more put together! Both of these products are so comfortable on the lips and they last quite sometime when you pair them together. I usually have to apply the glossy after eating and a few other times throughout the day. I really don’t mind that since it’s such a great formula and just adds that extra punch of colour.

Maybelline – Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer in Blonde

I’ve really been avoiding super bold brows lately so this product was perfect for me last month. It’s a great product for really filling out the brows, volumizing them while still looking natural. Since I’ve been using the shade blonde it really lightens up my brows and keeps them from looking over the top. I find that lately I really don’t like using a brow gel unless it has fibers because that’s the only way that I really see any type of results.

Burt’s Bees –  Blush in Toasted Cinnamon

I bought this because Kathleen Lights has been raving about it non stop! I always love her blush recommendations. We both have similar feelings when it comes to how we want our blush to look. It gives a gorgeous bronze flush to the skin which I love. I think this would be a perfect fall time blush for most people but it’s an everyday blush in my opinion.

Sephora – VIB Rouge Mini Flawless Airbrush

I was so unenthused when I originally received this brush as the VIB Rouge gift. It just seemed like such a lackluster product. I thought they could have done better to reward people for spending a ridiculous amount of money at their stores. I have such a huge collection of makeup brushes and for a while this just got put in a jar and I never got around to using it. Last month I decided to try it out to blend out my concealer and I loved using it! It really got into that under eye crease area and the brush is dense enough to blend it all out smoothly. The compact size was also helpful to keep in my makeup bag and not take up too much space when I was doing my makeup on the go.

Colourpop, Kat Von D, Colourpop & Kat Von D, Burt’s Bees


I loved all of these products and they were staples in my makeup bag throughout the month of March! Do you love any of these products? Which ones are your favourites?


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