NYX In Your Element Shadow Palette in Fire – Review and 3 Looks

NYX In Your Element Shadow Palette in Fire – Review and 3 Looks

When I saw the release of the In Your Element eyeshadow palettes by NYX I knew I needed to purchase at least one of them. The shade selections were so unique on each one and they really caught my eye. I feel like they got a lot of hype at first but that died down fairly quickly. I still wanted to give one a shot and really try it out for a while before I reviewed it.

It was hard to pick only one of the palettes but I decided on the Fire palette because I felt like it was different than just about anything else that I own in my collection. I thought you could also get a bunch of completely different looks out of this palette which I thought made it super versatile! I share 3 of the looks I was able to create at the end of this post!

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The packaging of this palette is really unique. It’s a good quality packaging that feels almost high end. The design on the outside really fits with the fire theme and I think it

I found that the formula of some of the shades were a little dry. It did sometimes skip a little bit on the creases of my eyelids but it wasn’t anything that you couldn’t blend out. You just have to be careful with these eyeshadow shades and kind of work with them slowly. I definitely recommend taking your time with the shades and starting with the lighter shades so that you don’t end up with a murky mess.

The colour selection is so fun. I tried my best to create three different looks but I they all ended up looking like warm smokey eyes. Each one is slightly different which I think is great! I tried really hard to use the cool blue/purple duochrome shade but it looked like garbage when I applied it all over my lid. It didn’t blend well and regardless of how I applied it I couldn’t get the change in colour to show up. It mostly just looked like a dark murky mess. If you have any tips for how you were able to get that shade to work for you I would love to hear in the comments below!



Since the palette is super dry I had a hard time getting the swatches to really show up on my arms. I do think it applies a little bit better on your actual eyelids but like I mentioned previously it’s a palette you have to be careful with! I wish that the shades had actual names and weren’t just randomly numbered. It’s a small part of an eyeshadow palette that makes huge difference for me.

Look 1

I really liked how this look turned out! It was a smokey, deep look that was great for a date night. I did work up the shades quite a bit and it was a little patchy in my crease. But I was able to make it work. I really like how this was all matte because I rarely do that!

The shades that I used were: 3 (all over the lid and crease), 7 & 9 (blown out in my crease), 4 (deepened in my crease and on the lower line), and 10 (all over my lid).

Look 2

This was such a fun look to create. I think this was super bright and I loved being able to turn this into a sunrise inspired look. The yellow shade was incredible and it was so much brighter on the eyes than I was expecting. I used some concealer underneath to create a bit of a cut crease though so I’m sure that had something to do with how intense and opaque it turned out.

The shades I used were: 3 (all over the lid and crease), 4 (lightly blown out throughout the upper crease), 7 (buffed into my crease and outer corner of the lid and lower lash line), 2 (inner corner of the lid and lower lash line),and 1 (inner corner but it didn’t show up well).

Look 3

This was probably one of the more wearable looks that I tried! I wanted to show a look that would be easy and wearable on an everyday basis and wouldn’t take too long to apply. I actually loved how this turned out and I would totally recreate this look in the future!

The shades I used were: 3 (all over the lid and crease), 4 & 5 (blown out in my crease), 6 (inner corner of the lid), and 12 (outer corner of the lid).

Have you tried any of the NYX In Your Element Shadow Palettes? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! If you created any looks with this palette please link them as well because I’m always looking for inspiration! 

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