Makeup Bag Monday #9

Makeup Bag Monday #9

Every other week I try out 5 products and try to use them every single day for a week. This helps to give me a better understanding of exactly how I feel about the products. It sometimes forces me to use products that I rarely reach for or ones that I might have forgotten about.

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This past week I tried to pick products that were just collecting dust in my makeup drawers. I’ve been reducing my makeup spending lately so I’ve been trying to fall back in love with all of the products that I already own and neglect.

Smashbox – Covershot Palette in Sultry

This palette doesn’t scream to me as being inspiring. I’ve had this for months and really never felt like I had to use it. It just sat in a drawer collecting dust. So I figured this would be a great palette to try to pick for something like this. I was only going to get use out of this if I forced myself to reach for it.

After using it for the past week I’ve decided that I just don’t think I like the Covershot palettes. I was so excited by the colours of the Ablaze palette and they fell short for me and the Sultry one feels the same way for me. The shades just don’t seem to blend very well and it just looks like a mess on my eyes all the time. This one was just all cool tones and that’s never really my style.

I think I might try to clear this out of my collection sometime soon, maybe someone else that I know will be drawn to this and know how to make it work.

Tarte Cosmetics – Park Ave Princess Contour Palette

I always forget how much I love this palette. I bought it on a whim quite some time ago and I’m so glad I did. These shades work so well with my skin tone and make me look alive and contoured. I find these always blend so well into my skin and last a fairly long time.

I’m always so surprised by how much I like the blush shade in this palette. It’s not at all a shade I would usually wear but it always makes me look nice and rosey.

I used the highlight shade as a topper on the Benefit Watts Up cream highlighter and it looked unreal. I think it might be the perfect combination and I want to wear those two highlighter all the time.

Girlactik – Precise Eyeliner Marker in Noir

I rarely wear eyeliner anymore so I thought this would be a fun time to try and force myself to use it. I only was able to wear this a few times because I really only had time to dive deep into my makeup on the weekends. I realized that I love the tip on this eyeliner and it makes it super easy to apply it to my lids. But I think this is on its last legs and it’s going to dry out very soon. I have so many other eyeliners in my collection so it might be time to pitch this one! I would consider repurchasing this though if I was out of liquid liners because it really does make application super easy and quick!

Make Up For Ever – Smoky Extravagant Mascara

I finally thought it was time to grab a new mascara out of my stockpile to try to use up. I never really hear anyone talk about this so I figured it would be great to try out! The wand on this was so scary and intimidating. I never really expected myself to like it because of that. BUT I ended up loving this! It makes my lashes look amazing! I have so much volume with this mascara and a whole lotta length! I seriously would consider purchasing a full size of this after I use it all up because I feel like this is one of my all time favourite mascaras.

Maybelline – Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation in 120 Classic Ivory

This is my foundation true love! If I could only wear one foundation for the rest of my life I honestly would pick this one. It has the best coverage and the finish is incredible on my skin. Lately I’ve been ignoring this foundation since I have a lot of other options that I would like to use up. So I figured it was time to show this guy some love. I really want to try to use this a little more often because I think it’s such a waste to have this just sitting in my drawer. I think the best way for me to get use out of this is to purchase a pump for it. I find that the main reason I don’t use this is because I know that it’s just a messy experience.


I had a great week with these products and I think it was fun to dive back into all these! I really like being able to rediscover old loves and I think this was a great week to do that!

The next Makeup Bag Monday Post will include:

Colourpop – Pressed Powder Shadow Palette in Semi-Precious

RealHer – Be Fearless, Be Limitless Blush Kit

Wet N Wild – Photofocus Foundation in Soft Ivory

Dr. Brandt – Pores No More Luminizing Primer

Burt’s Bees – Gloss Lip Crayon in Outback Oasis (401)

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