Colourpop Haul & Review

Colourpop Haul & Review

If you’re an avid reader of my blog or follow me on Instagram you’ll know how obsessed with Colourpop I am. I pretty much want just about every product that they have released. Lately they’ve been getting so much hype, which is amazing, but that also makes it a little harder to get some of the popular limited edition items. I totally don’t mind that though because if I don’t manage to purchase one of their newest launches my bank account is very happy with me.

A few weeks ago I put in a little order. I decided to share some of the items that I picked up because they seemed be pretty popular items.

Colourpop – Yes Please Palette

I’ve been wanting this palette since the moment I laid my eyes on the promo. These are the kind of colours that just speak to my soul. I’m such a warm toned eyeshadow kind of person and these just have the perfect colours for that type of look. I really love all of the colourpop pressed eyeshadows so I knew this was going to be a great product.

After using it for the past few weeks I’m happy to say that this really is the perfect fall toned eyeshadow palette! The matte shades blend so well together and the metallic/shimmer shades are super vibrant. I also think there’s enough unique shades that you can really create a ton of different looks with this palette. Plus it’s only $16 USD so how can you even pass this up?!

Colourpop – No Filter Concealers in Fair 5 & Fair Neutral 10

I don’t know why but I’m quite the concealer addict. I just love being able to try out new concealers and see how well they work. It seems like such a weird makeup product to love testing but it’s easily become a new obsession. As soon as I saw videos about the Colourpop concealers I knew I needed to give them a try. It’s always exciting to find an affordable option for a staple part of my makeup routine.

These did take me a little while to figure out. They have a drier formula to them so I found that they could look either good or bad. It really depended on how my skin was looking and feeling that day as to how the product performed. I actually stopped setting the concealer because it really didn’t crease on me and that was the best way to make it look good throughout the day. After I figured that out I was really able to work with the product a lot better. You could probably get away with mixing a small drop of facial oil into the product if you feel like you have to set it.

I would recommend purchasing a lighter shade than you normally would because the concealer does darken almost instantly when you go in to apply it. But once it darkens instantly it doesn’t continue to oxidize throughout the day.

Colourpop – Pressed Powder Highlight in Angel Food

I’ve loved all of the Colourpop pressed powder highlights that they’ve released so far. The highlight in the duos are super stunning and the highlighter palette is honestly something that I reach for all the time! I have so many highlighters in my collection that I really wanted to try to get something that was super unique with this collection. When I saw swatches of Angel Food I knew it was exactly the kind of product that I wanted.

This highlight is a super gorgeous duochrome. It’s a lavender highlight with a blue/green flip to it.

It might not be the most wearable colour but I still managed to rock it on an everyday basis. I think this is such a fun colour but it’s still subtle enough that you won’t feel like you stand out if you wear it.

The one thing that annoyed me though was the fact that the product came damaged. I’ve actually been pretty lucky (knock on wood) when it comes to Colourpop purchases because this is only the second item that I’ve ever received damaged. I wish that they would have replaced the item rather than providing me with a coupon code. It’s such a hassle to purchase Colourpop now because the shipping can be a little costly and if you avoid paying shipping you’ll definitely get hit with duty charges. But it’s not the end of the world. I just don’t think I’ll purchase the highlighters with the individual palettes because I really don’t think they are packed well enough to avoid being smashed along the way.

I’m super happy with what I was able to pick up during this recent purchase. I was super hungover and had a stomach flu when all of these launched so I’m surprised I was alive enough to make good purchasing decisions. I definitely want to grab a few more of the highlighters and concealers.

What’s your current favourite Colourpop products right now? Have you picked up any of the recent releases? I would love to hear about your faves – even if my credit card doesn’t want to hear it!

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