August 2017 Monthly Favourites

August 2017 Monthly Favourites

August has been such a busy month for me. I also found that this month just flew by. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was writing up my July monthly favourites. I’m a little sad that summer is coming to a close but I’m so ready for all the perks of the fall season! I have the craziest September planned out so I was really trying to enjoy all that I could when it came to makeup while I had a bit more time to play around with it.

During August, I was playing around a lot with makeup but there wasn’t a lot that I was obsessed with. I definitely ended up loving my hair care and skin care routines a lot more than my makeup. This probably had a bit to do with the fact that I started my Makeup Bag Monday series this past month. I kind of forced myself to play around with a lot more makeup that I never use and as a result it kind of hindered me from using something a million times over the course of the month. But I really don’t regret doing that because a lot of the products in my collection need a lot more love than what they were getting before I started the series!

Keep reading to find out exactly what I was obsessed with this month and why they all worked so well for me!

Erborian – Ginseng Milk

I have no idea what I was expecting when I tried this out for the first time. It had a lot of claims about improving the skin’s texture through its moisturizing and smoothing properties. I’m going through a lot of feelings right now over my makeup and skincare collection because I’m overwhelmed with the amount of product that I have. So I decided to use this because I find going through a lot of sample sized products makes me feel more accomplished than going through one full sized product.

I was pretty shocked with how this made my skin feel after applying it at night. My skin looked alive and felt super hydrated when I woke up. This was also the only new product I introduced into my routine that evening so I knew this had to be the reason for my skin looking the way it did. I’m super tempted to pick this up after I run out of the sample size even though I know this is the last thing my collection needs at the moment.

Glossier – Super Pure Serum

I’ve been struggling with some pretty uncomfortable breakouts on my skin lately. It’s surprising because I’ve been eating a lot healthier lately and I figured my skin was going to look a little better than it does. Maybe it’s just going through a detox period, or maybe that’s just not my skins problem.

I’ve found that the Glossier Super Pure Serum has helped with a lot of the small breakouts that I’ve had across my face. It seems to really calm them down and treat them before they get large and in charge.

I’ve been using this a couple times a week on days that my skin needs a little extra work. I was a little afraid to use this on a regular basis because I just don’t know how my skin will react to it. But I think I’ll try to incorporate it a lot more often now that I know my skin vibes with it.

Tatcha – The Water Cream

I actually really regret getting the sample size of this moisturizer. I’ve heard so many great reviews about this but I was fairly doubtful about how this really could perform. I just kind of thought it would be like any other moisturizer. But I was proved wrong after a couple weeks of using this. My skin looks a lot more dewy and fresh since using it. The cream sinks into your skin so quickly and it still feels extremely moisturizing. I love the scent of it as well, it reminds me of a wonderful spa day or a fun beach vacation. My skin really seems to be reacting well to this and I’m dreading having to shell out the money for the full size product. Maybe I’ll put it on a Christmas list or something and hope someone else can foot the pricey bill for me.

Colourpop – Eyeshadow Palette in She

My addiction to Colourpop was prevalent when I purchase this palette. I really don’t have a lot of palettes that are mainly pink and purple shades. They just usually aren’t colours that I gravitate to. So when this ended up in my shopping cart during a momentary blackout I was seriously regretting my decision. I decided to give the palette a fair shot and play around with some of the different looks I could get with this. It felt a little out of my comfort zone at first but I quickly realized that this was the perfect palette to add to my collection. Since I don’t have anything like it I find I can make a lot of really pretty and unique eye looks. The pink and purple shades really do help to make my blue eyes pop.

I love how the colours are set out in the palette. You get the lighter shimmer shades in the top row, the darker shimmer shades in the middle row and the bottom row is all matte. It really has helped me plan out a look before I get anything started.

I really think this should be a palette that everyone owns! It’s super affordable and all the shades are really great quality.

Colourpop – Ultra Metallic Lip in Flitter & Ultra Matte Lip in Mama

I really haven’t worn either of these colours very much since I purchased them quite some time ago. But a few weeks ago I saw someone post a swatch of these layered together in the Colourpop Fanatics facebook group. As soon as I saw that swatch I NEEDED to try it. Both of these colours are fairly nice on their own but when you mix them together they create a magical shade. It’s the perfect burnt orange shade with a golden flip to it. I never expected Flitter to do that to any colour. It’s always pulled more on the pink side for me whenever I wear it on it’s own.

I wore this a few times throughout the month and every time I got a ton of compliments! It’s going to be the perfect shade for fall. This awesome mixture of shades makes me want to experiment a lot more with the different glosses and metallic lips that I have in my collection. I usually always wear them on their own but I think I need to try to layer shades more often!

Schwarzkopf – Blonde Me Tone Enhancing Bonding Shampoo & Bonding Mask in Warm Blondes*

I was sent this a few months ago from Glam Sense to test out. This is another product that I almost wish I didn’t try out because I love it so much! This is a bit pricier of a product when it comes to shampoo and a hair mask. I’m used to paying the bare minimum for hair care products that I use in the shower. Which is ridiculous because I really should be doing what I can to try and keep my hair looking healthy. I just never really found a product that I thought was worth the splurge until I tried this one. It really does help to make my hair look the perfect shade of blonde. I’ve had a few people think that I went back to the salon recently when it’s actually been months since I had anything done on my hair. I find that this really helps to make my blonde look warm and all one colour. It also helps to take out the orange or green tones that can really make blonde hair look weird. I would definitely repurchase these myself. I can’t stop using them now that I know what they will do for my hair.


Have you tried any of these products out? What have you thought of them! I would love to hear about your favourites this month in the comments below!

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