July 2017 Favourites

July 2017 Favourites

I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I wore foundation this month. I’ve just been feeling very unhappy with the way that my skin has been looking so I’ve focused a lot more on trying to improve my skincare. I also mainly just wanted to let my skin breathe and try to avoid piling on a whole lot of heavy pore clogging type products. Overall I’ve been super happy with how this turned out and it’s definitely made me realize that I could really just wear a little bit of concealer and some cream face products.

But just because I wasn’t wearing foundation doesn’t mean that I wasn’t playing around with makeup on a regular basis. I still would try to go all out on every other aspect of my makeup routine.

I actually played around with a ton of products this month so it was tough trying to narrow down my favourites!

Maybelline – Master Contour Stick in Light

This was a product that I was kind of surprised to like. I’ve had it in my collection for quite some time and just never reached for it much before this month. Since I wasn’t really wearing foundation much I gravitated more towards cream contour, blush and highlight products. I honestly grabbed this the first time to use it this month because I was in a rush and it was the closest contour/bronzing type product near me. It surprised me because it looked really great without foundation. It blended really well into my skin and didn’t look too intense. I found that the highlight shade was really great for cleaning up any contour problems under my cheekbones as well as just neutralizing some of the redness close to my chin.

My one main issue with the product though is just how annoying the application actually is. I really wish that Maybelline would have separated the contour and highlight. There was a few times that I went to clean up my contour and ended up getting the contour shade mixed into the highlight. The product is really great for a drugstore item, the application just isn’t the most ideal.

Urban Decay – Naked Heat

There’s been so much hype over this product but I knew I needed it the moment I saw the promo pictures. It really has such a good variety of warm, fiery shades. I’m a huge fan of warm shades but I’ve only recently starting wearing more of these red shades. So I don’t have a lot like this palette in my collection. (I say this but I’m sure I could probably dupe all of the colours if I gave it a good try, haha.) I took this on vacation twice with me so far and I loved how the looks turned out! The shade range allowed me to achieve super subtle natural looks as well as something with a little more drama to it. There was a lot of drama with the palette when it was first announced, but I haven’t had any problems with it. All of the colours have been super pigmented and blend out well. I do wish there would have been a matte white shade or a light metallic shade. I personally don’t like the lightest shade in the palette because it’s ends up looking like milky glitter on my eyes so I won’t get much use out of that.

Colourpop – Gimme More Highlight Palette

Does this not look like a pretty close colour dupe to the Nicole Guerriero x Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit? It honestly looks like Colourpop changed around the placement of the shades but kept with the exact same colour palette. After using this palette for the past month I definitely think I like the formula of the Colourpop highlighters compared to the ABH palette. I loved how much glow the ABH palette gave you but I just found it to be too glittery and messy for everyday use. I was able to get a similar amount of glow with the Colourpop shades without needing to use Fix+. I’ve pretty much used this every day throughout the month of July. I honestly just love Colourpop products so much, I don’t understand how they can make such good products at such an affordable price point. I will mention that for my skin tone two of the shades do not work at all (Bottomless and Full Service). The shades could probably be used as blush toppers but I barely even wear blush so I definitely won’t gravitate to bright shimmery blushes. The other four shades are amazing though! I usually mix two or three of them together to get the shade that I’m looking for that day. If you can grab this while it’s in stock I highly recommend it!

Colourpop has also released single pressed powder highlights now so you could actually make your own palette! Six of their highlights fit in one of their large empty palettes. So if these colours just don’t speak to your soul you can definitely find some other shades that will work for you!

Milani  – Make It Dewy Setting Spray

I picked these up on a recent trip to the States because I could not find them anywhere in Canada! Milani can be a little difficult to purchase in my specific area. A lot of stores that should carry the product only have a very small selection if they even sell it. I heard mixed reviews of this one, most people seem to like the Make It Last version of this better. But I just found the Make it Dewy version works well for me right now. Since it’s summertime I want to look like a glowy disco ball on a regular basis. This product definitely helps me achieve that look. I will mention that you do have to be a little careful with this, if you spray too much it can make you look a little more on the greasy side rather than glowy. I don’t know if this made my foundation last any longer throughout the day but it definitely helped my skin look a little less cakey if I went overboard on face products. Overall for the price of this I don’t think you can go wrong!

Drunk Elephant – TLC Framboos Serum

Since I haven’t worn much foundation this month I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what products will help clean up the acne, texture and redness on my skin. This helped a lot with my texture. I found my skin to look and feel smoother after applying this at night. I love that I was able to pick up a travel size of this because it made it super easy to pack throughout the month. I’m planning to purchase a full size of this. I keep putting it off because I know it’s going to be an expensive purchase! I might wait until some type of deal at Sephora. That always seems to be when I make a large purchase.

Caudalie – Beauty Elixir

I received this in a Sephora Favorites set quite some time ago but I never reached for it until recently. I just felt as if it was an unnecessary step in my skincare routine. But that is definitely not true! I love spraying this as a final step in my skincare routine at night. Which I believe isn’t the best way to apply it, but it works for me and that’s what matters. I find that it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and fresh. I also love the scent of this and it makes for a great way to relax right before bed. I’m sure if I applied this as toner it would be more effective but I really enjoy using it as a finishing spray!

KL Polish – 305

This has been a month of being on top of keeping my nails painted. I’ve actually painted my nails a ton of times this month and haven’t let my nails look chipped. I ended up wearing 305 for almost a week. The colour is super unique and not something I usually gravitate to. I find these shades a little difficult to work with because they usually have a super thin formula. But I found this one to look perfect after about three coats. It also lasted super long on my nails! At the end of the week I had pretty minimal chips, which is rare! I work for a cell phone company so I’m constantly taking off backings and cases off phones and and just using my nails for things. So I tend to have lots of chips after a couple days of wear. I’ve had really good luck though with the recent releases from KL Polish. Pretty much every shade that I’ve tried lasts a lot longer than most other polishes. I was a little bit torn on the very first release but I’m glad I purchased the summer collection. The colours and formulas are exactly what I’m looking for in nail polish!


What were some of your favourites in July? Have you tried any of the products I mentioned? What were your thoughts and experiences on them? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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