Ipsy Review – July 2017

Ipsy Review – July 2017

Ipsy is one of my all time favourite subscription services. I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy long before I even had an idea of how to use a majority of the products that I received. It’s an inexpensive way to try out a bunch of different beauty products on a regular basis. Each month, subscribers receive a Glam Bag with 5 deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. The service costs $10 USD, shipping is free within the US and an additional $4.95 USD to ship to Canada.

This month’s bag theme is described by Ipsy as: Our ultra chill (and super adorbs) mascot, Gudetama, makes its modeling debut on your July Glam Bag—perf for stashing all your #ipsyovereasy essentials. I feel like there wasn’t really a theme to this one but I think the little mascot is adorable. A lot of people online were not into the little guy but I thought he looked really fun.


Honestly I’m not a fan of this actual bag at all. I was really hoping we would start to get more bags in different sizes like we have recently. But Ipsy just keeps sending out this size of bag and I just don’t find it very useful right now. I can barely even put a few products in here so what is the point of having this size bag. The other thing I can stand about the actual bag this month is the scent. It just smells like melted plastic and nothing I’ve done has been able to get rid of that. So as much as I love the mascot I really don’t think I’ll be keeping this bag.

TONYMOLY – I’m Real Sheet Masks in Green Tea and Lotus

I’m usually not a fan of sheet masks but I’ve been so tempted to pick these up. I think the packaging of these are so fun and that’s definitely what sucked me into these!  I personally couldn’t tell a huge difference between both sheet masks, they both left my skin feeling super sticky. After a few minutes that seemed to sink into my skin. I did find that my skin looked a little more life-like after trying these out. I don’t know if they really purified or luminized my skin. But they definitely didn’t cause any damage. The green tea mask did start to cause my skin to itch around the 25 minute mark of having this on, but it didn’t leave my skin looking irritated or red.

Chella – Eyebrow Cream in Tantalizing Taupe

I tried a chella brow product a little while ago and fell in love with it! I actually talked about it in a recent empties blog post that you can find here. So needless to say I was so excited to give this one a try, I was hoping that I would love it just as much as the pencil. I do find that this is a lot darker of a shade than I remember the pencil to be. I had to be careful with how much product I applied so I didn’t end up with super intense brows. This was a very creamy product – which makes sense since it’s called an eyebrow cream. I’m used to brow pomades being a little bit more hard to work with and waxy, so this had a little bit of a learning curve to it. I do like the product itself though I feel like it really made my brows look good, but the shade might not have been the absolute best for me.

NUDESTIX – Magnetic Matte Lip Color in Rose

Every NUDESTIX product that I’ve tried so far has been such a quality product. I’ve loved all of the lip colours that I own from the brand but I’ve realized recently that I don’t actually own any of their matte lip products. This is such a gorgeous colour and will be perfect for the transition into fall that I know will be coming soon! It is a little bit more of a brown toned nude on my lips, which kind of surprised me since the shade name is rose. Even though I love the colour I was expecting something a little bit different out of it. This is super mattifying though, it almost feels like a powder on the lips. But because of that I found that it was a super long lasting. It did get a little drying for my lips and I definitely think you should exfoliate before applying this product!

Eau Thermale Avène – Cleanance MAT Mattifying Toner

I’ve been a huge fan of trying out Toners lately and I’ve been super happy that Ipsy has sent me quite a few lately! I think a mattifying toner is so great for the summer because that’s when I’m the most oily. After using it for a while I haven’t seen it to be super mattifying on the skin. I’m still just as oily as usual. But this hasn’t caused my skin to break out or look irritated in any way so overall I think this is a decent product.

OFRA Cosmetics – Victory Eyeshadow

OFRA is another brand that I’ve loved just about every product that they have released recently! Their liquid lipsticks are some of my favourites and I love how glowy their highlights can be! I’ve actually tried out some of their eyeshadows through boxycharm in the past and I think they are really good quality. Most of their full size eyeshadows come in a larger pan which is good in my opinion because the shadows can be a little on the pricier side. This was very metallic and a little bit more golden than I was expecting it to be. I really expected a brown shimmer shade based on how it looked in the pan. This is really the perfect colour to deepen up the outer part of your eye. It will give it a bit of a smokey look without being a super dark black shade.

Overall this might be my favourite Ipsy bag that I’ve received in a long time. I don’t think any of the products were a complete disappointment. They are all items I was really excited to give a try, which is totally the point of having a subscription like this!


What did you get in your Ipsy bag this month? Have you tried any of these products before? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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