Maybelline City Mini Palette – Downtown Sunrise

Maybelline City Mini Palette – Downtown Sunrise

Recently during a trip to the States I picked up one of the Maybelline City Mini palettes. I heard a lot of fairly good reviews on these. A lot of people said that Maybelline completely reformulated the eyeshadows formulas so that they were actually fairly pigmented and blendable. I decided to pick up one of the palettes that had my favourite assortment of shades. I really wanted a selection of colours that had a decent amount of mattes mixed in with shimmers.

The City Mini palette in Downtown Sunrise has a mixture of of browns, creams, pinks and a silver shade. This is probably the most wearable one for me. They have a few other palettes in the City Mini collection that tend to have more bold colours or they all seem to be very monochromatic. I considered picking up the bronze shadow palette but I heard that all of the shadows were more on the shimmer side and I just wasn’t really interested in that.

I found that the mattes were fairly blendable. They worked really well in my crease. All three shades were pigmented and managed to show up really well on my eyes. I actually think the skin colour transition eyeshadow shadow was my favourite out of the mattes. It’s the perfect shadow to really blend out any of the shadows. I also found this to warm up any of the looks that I was going for with the palette.

Out of the shimmery shades I loved all three. The two pink shades were really pigmented and packed quite a punch on my lids. The silver that is kind of in the middle was more of a glittery shade. I found that it applied better than I expected it to. Sometimes glitter shades can be a little crumbly but this one performed fairly well.


Overall though I think this was a huge improvement compared to some of the other eyeshadow palettes that Maybelline has released. I think these shadows are very similar to the Eye Studio quads that they have had for quite some time. I own a ton of those and have always loved how they applied on my lids.

Have you tried any of the City Mini palettes? Is the formula similar on any of the ones that you tried? I would love to hear any of your thoughts in the comments below!



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