Rimmel Shake It Fresh Mascara Review

Rimmel Shake It Fresh Mascara Review

Mascara is probably one of the makeup products that I’m the least picky about. As long as it gives me some volume and makes my lashes look super dark I’m usually pretty happy. I naturally have pretty long lashes so I don’t really need to worry about something that lengthens the lashes, but I’m not going to complain if that is something that happens with my mascara.

I haven’t really found too many mascara products that I’ve been unhappy with. That was until I tried the Rimmel Shake It Mascara.

I think I was really sucked into the whole concept of the mascara rather than looking at reviews and hearing people’s thoughts before I bought this. Basically the whole idea of this mascara is that you can shake the product so that you bring life back to mascara. It is suppose to last a lot longer than a normal tube of mascara. That kind of confuses me though. You aren’t really recommended to keep mascara for long because of the bacteria buildup. Most of the time I throw my mascara out before it even gets dried up because I just don’t want to mess with a sensitive area like my eyes. The whole shake it concept was super gimmicky, but still fun and kind of cool.

When it comes to mascara wands I usually just want something that’s not too huge and overwhelming. I tend like a more natural bristle mascara wand, only because it usually combs the mascara through my lashes the best. I find these don’t make my lashes clump together too much. This mascara has the perfect wand in my opinion. It’s not too huge that it gets the product all over your eyes but it’s perfect in size to get the product everywhere it needs to be. I find that it really helps to comb through all my lashes to avoid any major clumping.

The main problem of this mascara is the actual formula. This is such a watered down mascara that it just doesn’t really apply a lot of product. It usually takes me about three full coats before you can see the mascara on my lashes. I found that it didn’t build up much so it mainly just tinted my lashes. If you have darker lashes you probably won’t even see much of a difference when you apply it. I’ve tried this so many times and I still have the same results after a few weeks of using it.

My lashes without any mascara.

My lashes after three full coats of mascara.

Overall I think this is such a cool concept! Being able to shake mascara back to life would be great if you really like the formula. Sometimes a month or so into using the mascara it could just use a bit of a shake to bring life back into it. I honestly wish the formula was just a little bit better to build up. I think the only time I’ll end up wearing this is on a super natural makeup kind of day.


Have you tried out the mascara? What did you think of the product? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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