Makeup and Skincare Empties

Makeup and Skincare Empties

This year I have been much more focused on using up some of the products that I already own and trying to limit my spending on makeup and skincare as much as I can. I think I’ve actually been pretty successful at trying to get through my pretty obnoxious makeup collection.

I really want to share some of my thoughts on the products that I’ve completely used up. These are always the most interesting types of posts to read because you can really see exactly how the product works because you’ve used it so much!

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Caudalie – Moisturizing Toner

This was one of my favourite toners for quite some time. I repurchased this probably about three or four times already. I love how soothing this is for my skin. It really just seemed to balance out my skin’s moisture levels. Recently I’ve been more into toners that help with acne or my skins texture. I’ve been gravitating for more harsh products that are really going to make a difference to the way that my skin looks. My skin has been breaking out a ton and the  This is definitely a product I would purchase in the future I just don’t think it makes sense for my skin currently.

Too Cool For School – All-In-One Egg Mellow Cream

I loved this product so much. I’m so glad I was able to try a sample out of this because I probably never would have given this a try without it. This had such a yummy scent to it. It honestly smelled like creamy eggs – which probably sounds nasty but trust me you need to find a way to smell this! I found that this made my skin feel nourished and helped the texture of my skin. My skin felt so soft after applying this. I will definitely be purchasing a full size of this one I try to use up a few other moisturizing products.

Simple – Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

Lately I haven’t been purchasing a lot of makeup wipes. I just find that it’s usually easier to remove my makeup with a cleansing oil rather than a makeup wipe. But I purchased these a while back to throw these in my travel makeup bag. It’s usually just less of a hassle to have these around while travelling rather than an oil that can make a mess in your suitcase. I did enjoy using these but I probably won’t repurchase them. I want a makeup remover that is soaked in product and not something that I have to wet with water (which I had to do for these ones). Once the wipe was a little more wet it worked really well, but that just seems like an extra hassle for me and something I don’t want to do all the time.

L’Oreal – Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer

Even after finishing a whole bottle of this I’m still on the fence about how much I like this product. I do think this helped to make my skin a bit more glowy when wearing this. But because of the undertone of this product sometimes it just didn’t look that great on my skin and would highlight the texture and pores that I have. This is an icey highlight colour and really seems to only work on lighter coloured complexions in my opinion. This worked for me in the winter months but not so much in the summer months when I was going for a more bronzey look. I might repurchase this but I didn’t really find this to be that great of a product for priming my makeup and keeping it lasting long throughout the day. I would probably purchase a liquid illuminator and use that under my foundation rather than using this in the future.

Covergirl – Outlast Stay Luminous Natural Glow Foundation in 820

I’m honestly a little surprised that I finished this foundation. It really wasn’t a favourite of mine but I somehow always ended up wearing this or bringing it on a trip with me. I found this was really natural and wore pretty well throughout the day. My biggest problem with this is that it usually would oxidize pretty badly throughout the day. I have pretty fair skin and I find when foundation oxidizes on me it goes super red/pink tones. This definitely did that. I would have to go pretty heavy on concealer to make this look nice throughout the day. This whole oxidizing thing was a bummer though. I found the formula and the wear time to be pretty great. I wouldn’t repurchase this because I find the L’oreal Pro Glow foundation to be similar in formula but a better shade for my skin tone.

Chella – Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Color

I LOVED this brow pencil. I think recieved a sample of this in a subscription box and redeemed some points through Ipsy for the full size product. This had a super creamy formula so it wasn’t the most long lasting brow product. But the colour was amazing and worked really well with my skin tone and hair colour. I honestly would love to purchase this again but the price point might be a little high for my liking. I’ve become a huge fan of the Colourpop brow pencils. It’s such a similar product at a much more affordable price point!



What are some products that you’ve used up recently? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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