April 2017 Favourites

April 2017 Favourites

Throughout the month of April I’ve gone on a serious buying spree. So I’ve been trying to fall back in love with products that I’ve owned for awhile in hopes that it would make me realize that I don’t need to spend more money on makeup. I’m excited to try out everything that I purchased this past month and I’m sure some of those products will be in future favourites posts!

I’ve had a pretty exciting yet busy month of April. I went on vacation with my boyfriend in the middle of the month and spent a lot of time trying to keep up with all my work before and after the trip. It was totally worthwhile and I feel more inspired to focus on my blog and social media accounts a lot more! I have quite a few favourites this month and they are all products that I just couldn’t put down throughout April!

Cinema Secrets – Makeup Brush Cleaner

Since I’ve been travelling this month I’ve really found this brush cleaner worthwhile. It cleans my brushes fairly well for such a simple and quick product. You just have to spray a bit of the solution on the brush and then wipe the brush on a cloth or paper towel. After you let it dry for a couple minutes it’s all clean and ready to use. I love that the travel size comes in a spray bottle because it makes it a million times easier to use and take with me. The one thing about this is that it does have a very strong scent. It smells like a combo of chemicals and vanilla which can linger in the room you clean the brushes in. It’s not the worst scent but if you are sensitive to that you might want to steer clear.

Skyn Iceland – Icelandic Relief Eye Pen With Glacial Flower Extract

Lately I’ve really been focused on working on my skincare regime. I’ve been getting lazy when it comes to applying a lot of makeup on a regular basis. I really want to try to make my skin better on it’s own because of that. I’ve been trying to find the best eye cream for my skin lately and that’s proved to be pretty difficult. I have weird little bumps on my under eyes and extremely pigmented under eye bags.

This has really been one of the few eye cream products that I find is taking me in the right direction. It’s really cooling and doesn’t seem to make my under eyes look weird or bad. I don’t know if it’s perfect so I’m still on the hunt for something a little better. But it’s been one of the best products I’ve tried to this point. I received it in a boxycharm box a little while ago and only really used it extensively this month. If you have any eye creams that you suggest I would love if you left a recommendation in the comments below!

Essence – Pure Nude Highlighter in Be My Highlight

Since I’ve been going for a more natural look with my makeup on a regular basis I’ve been trying to use more glow from within type highlights. This is probably one of my favourite natural highlights. It’s so affordable that I don’t know why everyone doesn’t own this. It just gives your skin a nice sheen without being over the top and glittery. I love wearing this on days that I’m not wearing foundation. I find it really helps make my skin glowy and doesn’t seem to bring attention to any texture or imperfections on my face. Overall, I think this could be one of my favourite highlights of all time!

Hylamide – HA Blur

I have a whole blog post planned for this product so I don’t want to get into too much detail. But this has been wonderful since I’ve been wearing foundation less lately. I find it really does blur my skin. Sometimes it makes it look as if I’m wearing foundation because it smooths out my imperfections. It works fairly well as a primer and helps to make foundation go on smoother and last longer. I’ve used it more than any other primer this month and I have been loving the results!

Marc Jacobs Beauty – Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Blacquer

I received a sample of this from Sephora a while ago but only started using it recently. I usually don’t wear liner but this past month I’ve played around with makeup more on my days off. I’ve also worn winged liner more than usual lately which means I’ve been lining my waterline and tightlining. I have a weird upper lash line – my lashes aren’t in a straight line – so I pretty much always tightline when I apply liner. It just helps to make my liner look a little smoother. I’ve been loving how dark and black this liner is. It has such great staying power as well which is great because I always find that my eyes water for no reason.

Skin & Co – Truffle Therapy Face Toner

I received this in my April Ipsy bag and this has easily become one of my favourite toners that I’ve tried. Every since I’ve been using this – which honestly has only been a few weeks – I could really see an improvement in my skin. I haven’t had as many odd breakouts happening and I think that has something to do with this. This has an amazing scent to it and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling too dry or tight. I’m prepared to buy a full size product of this after I use up a few other toners I have currently!

Nars Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

On some of my days off this past month I’ve been playing around with eyeshadow and trying to come up with more fun and interesting looks. I’ve posted some of them on my Instagram page so make sure you’re following me there. I honestly have not been able to find a primer that I like more than this one. I have pretty oily eyelids and this manages to stop any oiliness from ruining my shadow. It makes my eyeshadow last forever and it helps with making my shadow stand out more. I do wish this was coloured so it would give me a bit of a clean base but I don’t want them to change this since it works so well right now. I have a whole blog post about this product (which you can read here) but it’s been a staple in my makeup routine this month.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Gel in Clear

I think one of my biggest downfalls when it comes to makeup is my brows. As much as I envy everyone else brows and how they fill them in I just never find that I can make mine look perfect and “Instagrammable.” My brows always manage to look a little odd even though I spend a lot of time on them everyday. Even though I’m not the greatest at filling them in I still want to try to make them look as great as I possibly can.

One of the products lately that I’ve been addicted to using is the Anastasia Brow Gel. I’ve been using brow gel for so long and I always thought that every product that I tried usually just performed in the same way. They would keep everything locked and loaded for a while but my brows have a mind of their own and would just go whatever way they wanted by the middle of the day. But this product has honestly changed my opinion of brow gels. It seriously works like glue. My brows stay in place until I take all of my makeup off at the end of the day. The one thing with this is it does make my brows feel a little stiff. Honestly I will take the stiffness if it means my brows look a little better throughout the day.


I’ve really enjoyed both natural no makeup looks and more intense glam looks throughout the month of April. All of these products have really helped me achieve both of these looks. What products have been staples in your makeup or skincare routine this past month? I would love to know in the comments below because I’m always interested in trying new products (even though I’m currently on a serious no buy!).


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