My Week In Lipstick #12

My Week In Lipstick #12

Every week I love playing around with new makeup products. My biggest addiction is lipstick products. I have way more products than I could ever need. Recently I’ve decided that I need to try to get out of my comfort zone and wear more products on a regular basis. Keeping a weekly lip diary has been a really fun way to keep track of everything and it holds me accountable for wearing more lip products.

I spent most of my week trying to catch up on work after being on vacation. Most of the time I feel like I need a vacation right after being on vacation because of how much I need to do when I get back. I was pretty excited with the lip colours that I ended up wearing though. I really tried to wear products that I often forget about.

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Monday – Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Super Strawberry

On Monday I had a full shift at work and it was fairly uneventful. In the evening I wanted to get some work on my blog done. Unfortunately, Monday was considered a holiday so most places closed down early. I was stuck having to work at McDonalds, which isn’t too bad because I feasted on hash browns while getting everything done.

I wanted to wear a darker lip colour today but not something too bold since I was going to work. The Clinique Chubby Stick is super moisturizing. The fact that this is a balm means that the colour wasn’t too pigmented which was the look I was going for.

Tuesday – Nyx Butter Gloss in Fortune Cookie

I had a pretty busy Tuesday. In the morning I went to the gym for a little bit. I haven’t been in a while and felt like a workout was necessary. After my workout I went out for lunch with a couple friends. I was really happy we went to Swiss Chalet because I’ve been craving it for quite some time. In the evening I met up with one of my friends and we went to a Mary Kay pamper party. I always love trying out different makeup and skincare products so this was a lot of fun. After the pampering night my best friend and I decided we needed to go to Panera. I introduced her to Panera a few months ago and she’s been obsessed since. It makes me so happy because I love going there!

I really wanted a simple lip colour that I could reapply a few times throughout the day. I really like the formula of the butter glosses and this one is no different. It’s a great natural nude shade for me and it really looks great on it’s own and on top of other nude lipsticks.

Wednesday – Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Alyssa

On Wednesday I played around with all of the products from my Ipsy glam bag (you can find the review of it here). I have been wanting to do a winged liner look for a while so getting an eyeliner in my bag was perfect! In the afternoon I got some work done on my blog as well as other work I needed to finish up. In the evening I spent time with my boyfriend and his family. His family is awesome so it was really nice to have dinner with them and chat after.

Since I had a bit of a bold eye look going on I wanted something pigmented but neutral. I love the Colourpop Satin Lips so I thought that would be a great choice for the day. I think these have amazing staying power and feel super comfortable on the lips. The colour of this is great for my skin tone and I really need to wear it more often!


Thursday – Tarte Energy LipSurgence skintuitive lip gloss

My boyfriend was really craving sushi so we ended up having that for lunch on Thursday. I was pretty stuffed after since I had a bit more food than I usually end up having. After lunch I had a lot of work I needed to get done so I had a really productive but boring Thursday evening.

I wasn’t in the mood for any intense makeup look so I just went for a simple gloss for the day. The skintuitive lip gloss is really fun because it adapts to your own lips. It’s a nice natural pink shade for me. I haven’t worn this in forever so I actually forgot what colour it turned to exactly so that was pretty fun!

Friday – Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Posy Pink

I had a morning shift at work which was really busy. We launched the Samsung s8 so a lot of people came in to pick that up. I was on another planet though because I somehow managed to mess a lot of things up that day haha. After work I ended up doing a bit of blogging and caught up on most of the comments I’ve received. In the evening I spent some time with my boyfriend. We watched LIVE PD which has become a bit of a guilty pleasure lately.

I was trying to channel some spring vibes so I went for a more pink toned lip. I really liked how this looked and lasted throughout the day! It’s a really great colour for spring time!

Saturday – Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Manic

I spent most of the morning and afternoon just relaxing and playing around with makeup. I had a lot of episodes of Big Brother to catch up on so I finally was able to get around to that. The episodes that I had missed were super dramatic and I did not expect the double eviction to work out that way. I was honestly shocked with what happened! I went out for lunch with my parents and my grandfather. We surprised him at his go to Saturday lunch spot which was pretty fun. In the evening I took a bunch of photos for my blog and social media which was great. After that I got some work done for both my job and blogging.

Since I was playing around with makeup I went for a bit of a fun, bold lip colour. I loved how Manic looks. It’s such a wearable everyday red shade! I love that it can be really pigmented but also looks great a little sheered out – which is what I ended up doing.

Sunday – Maybelline Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint in 05 Stripped Down

I spent the morning and the afternoon at work. It was rather uneventful. After work my best friend and I decided to go to the movies. We saw Gifted which I have been wanting to see since I saw the preview a few months ago. It was a fairly good movie and I definitely recommend it!

I really wanted to wear something comfortable on my lips because they were feeling fairly dry when I woke up. I really enjoy the Maybelline Color Jolt products because they are super moisturizing on the lips. You can build them up to an intense colour or sheer them out for a more stained look.

Which of these were your favourite lip colours! I think I’m going to have to choose Manic as my favourite since it was a little out of the box compared to what I usually gravitate to.



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