Beauty Box 5 Review – February 2017

Beauty Box 5 Review – February 2017

If you’re an avid reader of my blog than it isn’t a surprise that I’m addicted to all things subscription box related. I’ve recently become more interested in Beauty Box 5. I’ve noticed that the products in the boxes look to be more high quality items. Compared to a few years ago I think this subscription box has drastically improved and is worth the price point now. This beauty subscription box is priced at $12 USD per month with free shipping to the US and $3 USD shipping to Canada. This is pretty comparable to most of the other beauty subscription boxes out there.

The theme for February was a Kiss Kit. It was focused on lip products which I think was a fitting theme for the month of Valentine’s Day. I did receive my box a little late in the month so I totally missed the holiday but I will never complain about a box full of lip products because I will always have a use for them!

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Jean Pierre Cosmetics Pink Moisturizing Lip Mask (Full Size)  |  $5.00 (for set of 5)

I’m a huge fan of lip masks. I normally just go for a mask that is an intense balm. I find these to be nice but a little annoying and messy. Most of the time I just get the mask gunk all over my face. This one wasn’t too bad though and I found that the remaining liquid on the mask sunk into the skin fairly quickly. This also tingled on my lips a little bit which was a little weird to get used to. Beware though this mask will make you look like a clown. The fact that is a transparent pink mask makes it look like you went in a little heavy with the overdrawn lips haha.

TINT Unicorn Lippie (Full Size)  |  $9.00 (Assorted colors, matching set)

This was a comfortable but drier formula of liquid lip. It didn’t seem to suck all the hydration out of my lips. It was fairly long lasting both on its own and with the liner. I didn’t mind the colour too much but I don’t know if I would have picked this out on my own. I’m just not a huge fan of these types of nudes. But it surprisingly looked a lot better on my lips that I expected it would.

PS. You can purchase the Lippie and the Liner on their own from the Beauty Box 5 website. But there is a sale going on the February box currently so it is actually cheaper to buy the whole box rather than just these two products on their own!

TINT Unicorn Liner (Full Size)  |  $7.00 (Assorted colors, matching set)

I found this liner to be really nice and long lasting throughout the day. This helped the lipstick hold up through eating a footlong Subway sub so I think it gets an a+ formula wise. It is a little bit drying if you wear it on it’s own but I applied it over a clear balm and it made it a million times more comfortable. I found that the liner and the lippie were slightly different colours when I applied it on my lips. The liner seemed slightly cool toned and the lippie was a touch more warm toned. But they look really great when you pair them together.

So Susan Colour Hybrid (Full Size)  |  $17.50

I’m not the biggest fan of these kinds of stain products. I have super dry lips so I find that this usually just emphasizes my lip wrinkles more than I would want them to. Which I know is crazy because I live for a liquid lip and that is not the most flattering product for dry lips. This has a pretty bold colour to it which I think will be nice for summer month when you’re looking for an easy lip look. I don’t think I’ll ever use this as a cheek product since it terrifies me to used something that seems so permanent on my cheeks.

Style Essentials Lip Glow (Full Size)  |  $4.00

I think this was one of the products in the box that I was surprised I actually liked so much. I find this actually gives you a glow on your lips. It isn’t super moisturizing but it makes your lips look really great. I would recommend exfoliating your lips a lot before wearing this. It looks a little bit weird if you put this on with chapped lips.

(Left to Right) – So Susan Colour Hybrid, TINT Unicorn Lippie (Maiden), TINT Unicorn Liner (Maiden), Style Essentials Lip Glow

Overall I think this was a really fun box. I love being able to try out products that I normally wouldn’t purchase for myself. I definitely would love to keep this subscription going since it’s such a fun way to try out products!

Are you subscribed to Beauty Box 5? What have you thought about this month or past boxes? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! You can subscribe to the service here if you are not currently receiving the box. 

The Kiss Kit box is still available for purchase. You can find it located on their website here.

*This post contains product that was sent to me for consideration. This in no way influences my opinion.

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