Project Pan Update

Project Pan Update

Quite a few months ago I posted a project pan, which can be read here. I wanted to update you on the products that I attempted to use up. In the next few weeks I’ll be posting a new project pan. This will have a few more products and I want to try to post an update for that project pan a little quicker compared to this one.

Overall I think my project pan was successful in more ways than just using up these specific products. It put me in the mentality to try to use up what I have before I start buying products obnoxiously – I still bought quite a few products that I know I didn’t need.

Nars Blush – Madly

Project Pan

This was one of the products that I knew was a little ambitious to try to pan. I’m just not a huge fan of wearing blush on a regular basis so I knew trying to hit pan on this was going to be hard. It doesn’t even look like I’ve used this product over the last few months. This is one of the only blushes that I wear on a regular basis so I’m surprised it doesn’t look different. This goes with just about any look that you’re going for and it looks more like a blush toned bronzer in my opinion – which is probably why I like it so much (I’m obsessed with bronzer). I’ll keep trying to use this up in the future. I think this is one of those products that I’ll never hit pan on.

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

Project Pan

I actually think I was fairly successful in using this product up. About a month ago this got to the point that I couldn’t actually use the pump anymore because it wasn’t able to pick up anymore product. At that point I thought I had used up all that I could because the lid wasn’t something that you could easily twist off. With a little bit of elbow grease I was able to break it open so that I could scrape everything out. It’s at the point where I’m running out of product that I can reach by scraping.

I’m actually a little sad that I have used this all up. I’ve had it for such a long time and it’s one of my favourite primers to use. It really just fills everything in and makes any product that you apply on top of this go on smoothly. I actually purchased this for one of my friends recently and I know one of my other friends has been using this for quite sometime and loves it. It’s a little pricey for a drugstore product but I promise it’s worth the price point. I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this in the near future. I want to try to get through some of the other primers that I own. After I use up a couple more primers that I already own I think I’ll have to buy myself this again!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – 10 Light & 15 Fair

Project Pan

So I don’t know what sorcery is in this tube but it honestly looks like I haven’t used any of this since I started this project. But I promise you that I have been using this on a regular basis. When I pick up the tubes you can tell that there isn’t a lot of product left in this. It’s getting to the point that this is probably expired now. I’ll be throwing these out in the next few weeks.

I really loved these and I feel like they give great coverage. I am queen of constantly having obnoxious under eye bags. This means I need to have something with the right undertones and a decent amount of coverage to hide them. These two products mixed together work perfectly to hide everything. I also love using 15 Fair to highlight the rest of my face. That one has a little less product remaining compared to 10 Light. I already have backups of both products but I might wait a little while to open them. I want to try to get through a few other concealing products that I have.

Lorac Creamy Brow Pencil – Brunette

Project Pan

I didn’t have much left of this product when I started this project. It lasted a lot longer than I was expecting it to. I only finished it about a month ago. There’s still a little bit of product left but it’s hard to get a clean line on my brow and there’s no way I can sharpen this anymore!

I honestly don’t even know if Lorac still sells this product, everywhere I look it’s discontinued. I purchased it on hautelook so they might carry it again in the future. It was one of the first brow products I purchased and fell in love with. I think it was because of the shade. It matched my hair regardless of what colour I dyed it. I had anywhere from dark brown to blonde to red hair and I swear this worked for any of the colours. I’ve been using the colourpop brow pencil a lot lately and I think the shade dope taupe is fairly similar. I’ll probably be sticking with using the colourpop product in the future because it’s inexpensive and more accessible to purchase!

Keep an eye out for my new project pan, I’ll be posting that in the next few weeks!

Have you used any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? Do you have your own project pan post? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment below!

* Links included are affiliate links but I only recommend products that I actually like!

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