How To Make Colourpop Ultra Mattes More Comfortable!

How To Make Colourpop Ultra Mattes More Comfortable!

I have a unhealthy obsession with lip products and an even unhealthier obsession with Colourpop lip products. Every time they release new products I seriously have to control myself so that I don’t end up buying everything in sight.

I’m a huge fan of their Ultra Matte Lippies. Lovebug was one of my favourite products in October, which you can read more about here. They are great products and make it easy to apply the product and completely forget about it. But with the cold and dry winter months rolling in, it is easy to avoid these products because they can sometimes feel uncomfortable on the lips.

I put together a few tips and tricks that I use to make sure that these products are still wearable in the winter months.


The first thing you should do before putting on any type of matte lip product is to exfoliate your lips. This helps allow the product to apply smoothly and avoids awkward flaking throughout the day. My favourite lip exfoliator lately has been the e.l.f. Lip exfoliator. It comes in a lipstick tube and is so simple to apply. There’s a few different flavours but I went with the original product. It smells exactly like brown sugar! This really helps to exfoliate and hydrate my lips.


Before applying the matte lip product I usually either apply a lip primer or a lip liner. It really helps to hydrate the lips, keep everything looking crisp and extend the wear time of the product. I tend to switch up the lip liner based on the colour of the matte lip I want to apply.


But if I’m opting for a lip primer I always use the Colourpop lip primer. It’s super comfortable on the lips and allows the matte lip product to still dry down on my lips.


If you find that the lip product is still feeling super dry and rough on your lips I found that adding a few drops of oil to the product tube can actually completely transform the product. Lovebug and Chilly Chili were so drying that they actually hurt my lips the next day. I’ve added three-four drops of Josie Maran argan oil to both of those colours and they feel 10 times more comfortable. I honestly forget that I’m even wearing lipstick with these on. I don’t find that the oil changes the consistency of the product too much, it still dries down in the same way that it did before adding the oil. Make sure if you add oil that it’s something safe for consumption and something that won’t add a weird scent to the product.

What do you do to make matte lips more comfortable? Is there a matte lip that you find comfortable on it’s own? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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