Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Review

I’ve never had the best luck with stick foundations in past. I’ve always found them to make my skin look extremely dewy or just not give the right amount of coverage. I’ve tried a few stick foundations from the drugstore and the MUFE stick foundation. I didn’t mind the MUFE foundation in terms of the finish but it was difficult to find the right shade. I found it to be a little bit different than their liquid foundations. I saw a lot of hype around the Anastasia stick foundations and I figured I would give it a try.

The ABH product is a lot less expensive compared to some of the other stick foundations at Sephora. It retails for $33 CAD, whereas the Hourglass and MUFE foundation sticks retail for $56 – $52 CAD. It has more product than the Hourglass stick but less product than the MUFE stick – but not enough for the price to be significantly more expensive.

They offer a wide colour selection and I know Claudia has stated on Snapchat (@norvina) that she will be releasing more colours. Claudia posted a really helpful colour wheel when the products first launched and it helped me figure out which colour would be best for me. I ended up picking warm ivory and it suits me well, especially for fall and winter. There is a lot more options for lighter and fair skin, but I know that Claudia stated that more colours for darker skin tones will be coming.

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The product goes on fairly easily and dries down quickly. It doesn’t feel sticky or cakey on the face after applying it. Which really helps when you apply other face products on quickly after. It’s a great base and everything I apply on top of the product looks really smooth.

I would say this is more of a medium coverage with the ability to build it up to a full coverage without looking caked on.

In terms of the wear time and finish throughout the day this product definitely isn’t completely mattifying. I did look a bit dewy by the end of the day but nothing unusual for me since my t-zone can be rather oily in the warmer months. I found that the primer that I wore under the product did affect the wear time and finish. I loved how this foundation looked over the Hourglass Veil Mineral primer. When I was using this primer the foundation looked just as good in the evening as it did when I first applied it.

This is a great product for travel. I went on a trip with my boyfriend for several days and this is the only foundation product that I brought with me. It was super easy to apply. I didn’t have to deal with a mess from a liquid product. It was also great to pack, I didn’t have to worry about the product leaking or breaking in my bag.

Overall I have been enjoying this foundation and it has been easily my go to product. It just makes my morning routine really simple and quick. The products looks great throughout the day. It has convinced me that all stick foundations are not horrible for my skin type.

Have you tried the Anastasia Stick Foundation? What were your thoughts on the product? Did you like how it looked on your skin?


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