Project Pan

Project Pan

I’ve recently been looking at my makeup collection and realizing that I have way too many products. It’s definitely time to go through my collection and start decluttering everything. I decided to start a project that I saw floating around twitter a few weeks ago – #projectpan. I want to try to make a dent in some of the products that I used to love but have just pushed aside for newer products recently. I wanted to go a little more simple for this first post and see if this is something that I can actually stick to. I chose 4 different products to try to use up over the next 6 months.

Nars Blush – Madly


This was one of the first Nars products that I purchased. I actually hunted everywhere to find this blush. For some reason I think a popular youtuber was raving about this so every store that sell Nars products was sold out of this specific colour. I actually randomly stumbled across it while browsing a Murale on my lunch break when I used to live in Ottawa. This was my holy grail blush product for a few months until it got lost in my collection and I forgot I even owned it – oops!

It’s still the perfect blush colour for me, in my opinion. I’m not someone who particularly enjoys bright blush, I find more subdued and bronzer type products just look better on me.

Hopefully I can work my way through this product. I doubt I’ll be able to finish it but it would be amazing if I could hit pan on it in the next few months.

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer


This might be one of the most under rated primers from the drugstore. It’s really the best smoothing primer that I’ve found at a reasonable price. I want to go through this so I can open up and try some of the other smoothing primers that I have just sitting in my makeup drawers. I’ve also had this for about a year and a half now and I’m afraid it’s going to expire shortly and cause some unwanted breakouts.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – 10 Light & 15 Fair


This is technically two products but I decided to group them together. I only ever use these two products together anyways since the 10 too dark and the 15 is too light. I still find it odd that the colours don’t seem to get darker as the numbers get higher – it probably has something to do with the undertones since 10 is more warm toned and 15 is more cool toned.

I’ve definitely had these concealers for a little too long and I mainly just want to use them up before they expire. I also already have backups of these purchased because I found a really great deal a few months ago.

Lorac Creamy Brow Pencil – Brunette


I’m not even sure if this product is available anymore. I purchased it from Hautelook about a year ago now. It easily was my holy grail product for quite some time. There’s such a small amount left though that I kind of just pushed this aside for other brow products. I want to get through this product completely and I think this product is totally do-able in the next 6 months!

Depending on how things work out I’m planning to write an update post in 6 months. If I use up one of these products completely than I will post something sooner. Wish me luck! Are there any products that you think you should start using more often?

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