Top 5 Fall Nude Lip Products

Top 5 Fall Nude Lip Products

As fall begins to roll in my go to lip colours always start to switch up. I’m drawn to darker nude colours as the weather gets colder. I just think that it is a great colour family to go with plaid prints that are incorporated into my fall fashion choices.

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My top 5 fall nude lip products are:
1. Maybelline – Nude Nuance (657)
2. L’Oréal – She’s So Matte (102)
3. Kat Von D – Lolita
4. Noyah – Deeply In Mauve
5. Colourpop – Tulle


Maybelline – Nude Nuance (657)

I am obsessed with the Maybelline matte lipsticks, I have just about every colour in my collection. They have a great staying power and feel so comfortable on the lips. They have a matte finish without being to drying of a lip colour. Nude nuance is my go to neutral brown colour. It works with just about any eye makeup that I end up doing.


L’Oréal – She’s So Matte (102)

This has been a recent find for me. It takes forever for Canadians to get all the new product releases. But I have quickly grown to love this colour. What I like about it is that it really changes based on the lip liner that I use underneath it. I find the formula of the lipstick can be a little difficult to work with for my lips because it has a bit more of a mousse-like texture to it. As long as I use a lipliner it ends up turning out great.


Kat Von D – Lolita

Lolita has become a cult favourite liquid lipstick. Everyone and their mom has tried it and loves it. I’ve been a little late to the trend though I was only able to get my hands on it in August, but I now have a travel size and a full size. It’s such a hyped up product for good reason – the colour is perfection and the formula is super comfortable and long lasting.


Noyah – Deeply In Mauve

I fell in love with this product last fall when the Kylie Jenner mauve lip obsession was oh so strong. It is still one of my most worn lip products though. I received the product in an ipsy bag and I have been tempted to purchase everything that Noyah makes because of this one lip stick. It is a darker pink nude that has a very similar formula to the Maybelline lipsticks- the comfortable, non-drying, yet still matte.


Colourpop – Tulle

I want to own everything colourpop, but unfortunately my bank account just won’t allow that. I love these colourpop liquid lipsticks. They are considered ultra matte lips which means they can be extremely drying but the staying power is intense. This is a much darker nude and it’s a great colour for a night out or if your just looking to get a more sultry daytime vibe.

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