Ipsy Review – February 2019

Ipsy Review – February 2019

Ipsy is one of my all time favourite subscription services. I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy long before I even had an idea of how to use a majority of the products that I received. It’s an inexpensive way to try out a bunch of different beauty products on a regular basis. Each month, subscribers receive a Glam Bag with 5 deluxe samples and/or full-sized beauty products. The service costs $10 USD, shipping is free within the US and an additional $4.95 USD to ship to Canada. Recently Ipsy introduced an add-on section to their subscription service. You have the option to add three additional products each month. Full size products cost $12 USD and sample size products cost $3 USD.

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I found that the bag for February was on point for the month of love. I actually have already used the bag quite a few times! It’s the perfect size for me to keep all of my skincare when I’m going out of town or spending the night at my parents house.

I think I was interested in all of the products that I received and there wasn’t anything that I was really unhappy with… except maybe the fact that I was getting a single eyeshadow. I’m extremely overwhelmed by all of the single shadows that I have and I think I need to find a way to declutter some of the products from my collection.

One amazing thing that Ipsy has started doing is providing a card with a little bit of information on each of the products that you receive in the bag. I love getting these cards and I think they are so helpful for know how to use the product!

PIXI BY PETRA – Glow Tonic

I’m so thankful that this product was included in my bag. I used to swear by the Glow Tonic and felt like I couldn’t live without it. I found that it made such a difference in my skincare routine. But I have a bunch of other toners in my collection and I wanted to try and get through them before I repurchased this toner. But I think after receiving it in this bag I might need to just bite the bullet and purchase it. I find this makes my skin look and feel smooth and clear. It’s one of the best toners that I’ve ever tried.

MEECH N MIA – Pressed Eye Shadow in Taupe

I so over getting single shadows in my Ipsy bag. I know for sure that I’ll try this out for the next month or two and then it will get lost in my makeup drawers and I’ll probably never wear it again. I found this to be a good quality shadow though. It blends out well and works well with any other shadow that I tried it with. I actually really liked the shade and I don’t think I have a lot of shades like it. It’s the perfect taupe that’s cool toned and has a purple tint to it. I do like this shadow but I need to find a better way to get more use out all my single shadows or they need to start disappearing from my collection.!

LAB FOR YOU – Multi-Ex Repair Cream

I was a little confused by this product because I wasn’t sure if it was a body, hand or face cream based on the packaging. I had to look up the product on the Lab For You website. I used it on my face and didn’t like it but I didn’t hate it. I just felt like it did an okay job. But I applied it on my arm after I had a crazy day of taking photos of makeup swatches for my blog. I noticed that it soaked in right away and did seem to help soothe my raw skin. I think this would be a great product to use if you have painful acne or some type of damaged and sensitive skin.

M·A·C – Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC20

I was actually really excited to give the Studio Fix Powder Foundation a try! I have a fairly large Mac Cosmetics collection because I would go to their Markham warehouse sales on a regular basis. But I haven’t tried their powder foundations in years and I honestly forgot how it performed. I tried this both as a foundation and as an undereye powder. I wasn’t really wowed by how it looked as a foundation. I think it was alright on the days that I was looking for a simple makeup day. It didn’t really have the coverage that I wanted from a foundation product though. It basically just gave my skin a matte look to it with a slightly more even looking base. I did really like it as an undereye powder to set my concealer. It gave a bit of coverage and really set everything down.

BELLE EN ARGENT – Auteur Crème Lip Color in I’ll Bring Dessert

I’m always excited to try out a new lipstick from my Ipsy bag. I definitely have a lipstick addiction and I’m always willing to try out a new lip product. I’ve never heard or tried a product from this brand so I was excited to give it a try. I do feel like this lipstick looks like it could be a full size product. This was fairly long wearing and felt comfortable on the lips. I tried it two ways. I wore it a few times at full opacity with a few swipes of the product on my lips and I tried blotting it out after applying a thinner layer of product (this is what the brand suggests you to do so I thought I would give it a try.) I did enjoy wearing this lipstick every time that I applied it. I think it’s a really great quality product and I would love to try out other products from the brand in the future.

Mac, Meech N Mia, Belle En Argent

I actually missed out on getting any add ons in the month of February. I had a really busy day when those products launched and I completely forgot to look at the app until it was too late. They did update the process in the month of March and it’s a lot more streamlined when it comes to adding products to your glam bag now. So I’m hopeful that I’ll at least get to see the add on products and decide if they are products that I would be interested in trying out in the future!

Have you tried out any of these products? I would love to hear your thoughts about them in the comments below!

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