Shop My Stash – February & March 2019

Shop My Stash – February & March 2019

Lately I’ve been loving Shopping my Stash. I’ve accumulated quite the makeup collection and I find sometimes I can forget about some of the products that I’ve owned for a while. I also like focusing on these types of posts because they give me a chance to share a lot of mini reviews on products that I own – that aren’t always the newest and greatest. I also would really like to use up a few more of the products I have in my collection and this is one way that I can try to work on “panning” a product in a month (even though I’m sure I’ll probably never hit pan on a product that I’m using for one of these posts.)

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In my Shop My Stash posts I round up 5 products that I’d like to focus on using for a month (this month I used them for 2 months). This gives me some time to really figure out my feelings surrounding the products that I pick out.

Colourpop – Blur Lux Lipstick in Mesmerize

I was beyond excited by the release of the Colourpop Blur Lux Lipsticks! The way the formula was described and how it looked in swatches was everything I could have wanted in a lipstick. The original Blotted Lipsticks were some of my favourites and I was hoping this would be a close dupe to them. After trying it out I do think it’s a similar formula but I still like the Blotted Lipsticks a little bit more. I find the Blur Lux Lipsticks to be a little more drying and feel kind of powdery on the lips. It’s a bit of a weird sensation but it reminds me of a sheer version of the Colourpop Matte X Lippie Stix. I love the shade Mesmerize though! It’s the perfect rosey, nude shade. I find this super wearable and I wore it a lot to work. It was a little drying though and I found at the end of the day I was always having to apply lip balm or a lip mask! I have 2 Blur Lux Lipsticks and I’m not sure if I’ll really purchase anymore shades. It’s not the most amazing formula but I still think I’ll get a lot of use out of the two shades that I have.

Nars – Blush in Madly

I just adore this blush shade and I really wasn’t wearing it as much as I would have liked to recently. I thought this was a great way to get some use out of this blush and really rekindle my love for it. I find it just gives my cheeks the perfect flushed shade. It looks so boring in the pan and when you swatch it but when you apply it to the cheeks it’s magical. This also has really great staying power which I find isn’t always the case when it comes to blush formulas. A lot of blushes just disappear from the cheeks halfway through the day but this shade is still there when I go to remove my makeup. I definitely want to try to use this blush a lot more going forward and hopefully I’ll be able to hit pan on it at some point!

Too Faced – Peanut Butter and Jelly Eyeshadow Palette

When this palette first came out I was obsessed! I honestly felt like my collection wouldn’t be complete without it! Fast forward a couple of years and I forgot that I even had this palette in my collection. After using it I kind of understand why I stopped reaching for it so much. It’s a really great quality palette and I love the looks you can get out of it but I find that there’s only a few unique looks that I can do. I also really don’t think there needed to be both Spread the Love and Extra Creamy in the palette. I find that I really never use Spread the Love because it has some weird gold glitter particles in it that I’m just not a fan of. I also think Jammin’ is not formulated really well. It just has barely any pigmentation and just looks muddy whenever I try to apply it. All the rest of the shades are great and they apply and blend beautifully on the eyes. I can’t give this palette up because I just think the packaging and branding is adorable so I really need to try to give it some love every so often!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Nicole Guerriero Face Palette

I haven’t picked this palette up in what felt like ages! I actually reviewed the palette almost two years ago now, which you can read here. I honestly don’t think I’ve used this in over a year now. It was in a different drawer then where I keep all of my highlighters and I actually forgot it existed. But I decided it would be the perfect time to test it out and see if my feelings on it have changed at all in the last two years. But I do still think the glitter in this highlighter is pretty apparent. The top two pink shades on the left of the palette are my favourites shades of highlighter to wear but those seem to have the most glitter in them. I really enjoy using a mixture of the other four shades though. I find that those work the best on my skin and they don’t leave as much of a glitter trail when I’m wearing them. I still think I need to just get rid of this palette though because it’s really not something I see myself using that often going forward. I have so many other amazing highlights in my collection that why am I bothering trying to use something that clearly doesn’t work for me.

Milani – Conceal Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer

I remember when this first came out everyone was super excited about it and kept raving about how much coverage this gave. I never really disliked the foundation but I don’t remember loving it that much… I honestly don’t even remember any of my feelings when it came to this foundation. I haven’t really worn it in a long time so I figured this would be the perfect time to break it out and give it another try. It’s definitely way too dark for my skin tone. Even with the very slight tan I got while I was on vacation in the beginning of February it still didn’t work for me. I always found that crazy because this was the lightest foundation shade when it first released. I was usually able to make the foundation colour work for me by applying a ton of concealer. That was able to brighten things up a little bit. I wasn’t the biggest fan of wearing this foundation with a brush. I just always found that no matter how much I tried to buff in the foundation with my brush it just looked like it was sitting on my face. I did however enjoy it a lot more when I used some type of foundation sponge. I found that still had a decent amount of coverage while still looking slightly natural. It was extremely long wearing and I was able to get a full day of wear with everything still looking the same as when I applied it. I really should try to get more use out of this foundation in the summer because I think it would be a much better colour match and would work well.

The five products that I’ll be focusing my Shop My Stash on in March are:

Have you tried any of the products that I’ve picked out for my Shop My Stash? I would love to know your experience with the products in the comments below! Are you working on a Shop My Stash this year? I’m loving it a lot more than my Project Pan challenge last year!

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