My 6 Favourite Colourpop Lippies

My 6 Favourite Colourpop Lippies

Colourpop has a huge assortment of lipstick options. They have just about every shade and finish available! Out of all of the lipstick products that I own the most popular one and most worn brand is Colourpop. They just have so many options that I want to own them all! I decided I wanted to round up some of the best Colourpop products that I have in my collection!

Ultra Glossy Lip – Aquarius

I love all of the Aquarius shades but I would have to say that the Ultra Glossy Lip of this is the one that I always end up reaching for. This is the perfect shade to wear on it’s own or to top any nude lipstick. It’s fairly long lasting for a gloss and it lasts a lot longer than a lot of other glosses that I’ve tried. Aquarius just gives you the perfect juicy and glossy lip so that your lips look healthy and plump! I highly recommend trying this out even if your aren’t a fan of gloss. The Colourpop glosses have totally changed my opinion on glossy lips!

Blotted Lip – Drip

This is one of the most natural and wearable lipsticks in this roundup. It gives the lips a bit of a red and rosey tint to them. This is the perfect comfortable matte formula. It is a sheer lipstick but it still has a tint to it. It isn’t very long wearing but it reapplies so well throughout the day and is totally worth having to keep putting it on. I’m extremely upset that Colourpop seemed to discontinue the Blotted Lip formula and I hope that they release it again in the future! The product kept going out of stock when they did carry the product, so I’m assuming they just had a lot trouble getting some of the ingredients for the product!

Lux Lip in Dream Easy

If your looking for a fun and bold lip that this is exactly what you need. I love that this lipstick is super bold but still really wearable on a regular basis. It’s the perfect shade of a pink/coral and I think it could work on any skin tone. The Lux Lip Matte formula is one of my all time favourite Colourpop formulas and I highly recommend checking it out. It’s just so comfortable and wears so well throughout the day. It’s not at all drying and just feels like your barely wearing anything on your lips!

Ultra Matte Lip – Beeper

This is one of the only Colourpop products that I’ve actually repurchased. I originally got this shade in a mini and I wore it all the time! It was just the perfect deep brown nude that’s still wearable everyday but kind of takes your look to the next level. The ultra matte lips are fairly drying but I don’t find that this one is too bad. It doesn’t make my lips shrivel up or look crusty by the end of the day like some of the other ultra matte lips. I do find the formula to differ a lot between dshades so you do have to be careful. But both of the tubes of Beeper that I purchased were the perfect long wearing, kiss proof, matte lipsticks!

Ultra Satin Lip – Frick and Frack

This is the perfect deep brown shade. I believe it is discontinued now which makes me really sad because it’s such a beautiful colour. The Ultra Satin formula is extremely comfortable and long wearing. It’s one of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas on the market!

Lippie Stix – Cami

I think this is one of my most used Colourpop lippies recently because I always have it in my purse. I’ve just been so obsessed with this shade over the last couple months and I wear it all the time! The Matte X formula is extremely comfortable and super matte. It lasts such a long time and it’s an amazing matte formula when it comes to a bullet lipstick.

Dream Easy, Beeper, Frick & Frack, Cami, Aquarius, Drip

I am so obsessed with Colourpop lipsticks so it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to my favourite 6 shades. I originally only wanted to have 5 shades in this post but I just had to include all of these!

Have you tried any Colourpop lipsticks? I would love to know what your favourite shade is!

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