Upcoming Beauty Launches: Vault Collections – Are They Worth It (Purchase or Pass)

Upcoming Beauty Launches: Vault Collections – Are They Worth It (Purchase or Pass)

The holiday season always brings out a bunch of vault collections from different brands. They tend to be on the pricey side because they come with so many different products but I’m always weary about whether or not it’s a good deal to purchase them overall. I wanted to break down a few of the more popular vault collections to see if they were really worth it!

SEPHORA FAVORITES – Beauty Vault: 12 Days Of Make Up

I find Sephora Favourites sets always have a great value to them. I know most of the products are things you can get as free sample but it’s nice to just buy everything all at once. This is a pretty pricey favourites set though. It does have a lot of products included in it but there aren’t any full sized products (except the lashes technically but I don’t really count that). Usually the favourites sets that are this pricey at least have one or two full sized products. I think it’s a good set if you don’t have a lot of high end products but a lot of these are pretty popular and something that an avid makeup wearer would likely already have. But if you’re interested in at least half of the products than I think it would be good value to purchase it. I am tempted to buy it because there are quite a few products included in the set that I don’t have and have been wanting to try out.

TARTE – Tartelette Vault

This vault has popped up on Sephora a few times over the last several months and I’ve been really tempted to pick this up. It seems like a decent value overall if you don’t have any of these palettes in your collection. If you bought each of these separately than it would be $147, where as buying the vault is $115. So you almost get one of the palettes for free. I’ve heard mixed reviews of these but they tend to be more positive than negative. I don’t own any of the Tartelette palettes so this would be a great way to give them all a try!

SMASHBOX – Cover Shot Eyeshadow Vault

When you purchase these palettes in the vault it works out to being roughly $27 a palette where as when you buy them separately they are $35 each. So you do get a bit of a savings if your willing to pay for all of these at once. I actually really like the formula of these (I recently swatched the ablaze palette and you can check that out here). But since I already own a couple of these than I don’t think It’s particularly worthwhile for me to pick up. This could be really great to buy with a friend to split all of the palettes and get a bit of a deal on the palettes that you want.

SUNDAY RILEY – Vault Holiday Set

Now this is one expensive vault collection! $493 dollars is probably more than I’ve ever spent on a single purchase at Sephora! It does have quite a few products in it and I think it’s got a good value to it since it has over $700 in products in it. I think it’s great for someone who already has tried and loves the Sunday Riley products. If you’re a regular user of of the products than you might as well pick them all up in this set. But if it’s something that you don’t really know if you like or if it works for you than you’d likely be better off picking up some of the smaller value sets so that you can slowly try out all of the products!

BECCA – Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Vault

This is a vault collection that I’ve actually been really tempted to purchase and it’s because of a very silly reason. My cat recently knocked my Rose Quartz highlighter and shattered the product. It has such a gorgeous and unique press to it so I was actually pretty upset. Since that shade comes in the special packaging again I feel like I need it in my collection! But I know that’s silly and I could just repress the highlighter rather than buying this huge and expensive vault! It’s not even the best value either because the highlighters are normally sold for $46 dollars each and the vault makes it roughly $40 each. You’d be better off just waiting for a Sephora sale and getting one or two shades that you really want. It does come with a limited edition keepsake box that’s cool but not really something anyone really needs.

I find that smaller value sets tend to have a better overall value than these huge vaults. I think this is great for someone whose a makeup collector and likes having all of the products from one specific brand. But I probably won’t be buying any vaults any time soon!

Have you purchased a vault recently? I would love to hear your thoughts about it and if you thought it was worthwhile!

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