My Mac Cosmetics Lipstick Collection – Swatches and Review

My Mac Cosmetics Lipstick Collection – Swatches and Review

Mac Cosmetics was one of the first brands that I purchased lip products from. I actually owned Mac Lipsticks before I even liked wearing lipstick on a regular basis. Which is crazy to think because I am lipstick obsessed now! I was mainly introduced to Mac products through their super huge warehouse sales that they have every three months in Toronto. That’s definitely where I purchased most of these!

I’m a huge fan of the formula of Mac lipsticks. They always wear so well throughout the day and are super comfortable. They have such a good selection of colours and finishes that you’ll definitely find the exact colour that you’re looking for. Since I tend to gravitate towards nude colours that’s what makes up most of my collection.

I’ve rounded up all of my Mac lipsticks and swatched them for you!

Hug Me, Surprise Me, Fun Fun, Lustering

Lustre Finish

Hug Me

Hug Me was the shade that I received during the free lipstick promo that Mac had recently. I love that it’s a sheer nude shade. It’s perfect for an everyday natural look.

Surprise Me (Discontinued)

Surprise Me gives off some peachy Nars Orgasm vibes. It has a very similar finish to that blush with a bit more of a peach tone. This is a really fun colour for spring and summer.

Fun Fun (Discontinued)

This is probably my least favourite Mac lipstick that I own. I’m just not a fan of these pale pink colours. I don’t think it’s really a shade that’s flattering on me so I never wear it.


This is another shade that I usually don’t gravitate to. I think it’s a gorgeous colour and it looks really great on. I just never usually wear a bright pink shade. This is a really nice summer shade if you’re into a vibrant pink tone.

Pillow Talk, Shy Girl, Peachstock, Mehr, Whirl

Cremesheen Finish

Pillow Talk (Discontinued)

I personally think Pillow Talk is a more opaque version of Hug Me. They both have similar tones to them. I’m a huge fan of this shade and I’ve worn it a bunch!

Shy Girl

Shy Girl has some sheer coral vibes to it. I really like how natural this looks on my lips. It usually just enhances my natural lip colour.

Satin Finish


This is another shade that I just never reach for. I think it’s a little too light of a nude for me. It gives off the concealer as lipstick vibes and that’s just not something I’ve ever been into. The only way that this is wearable for me is if I use a darker lip liner underneath it.

Matte Finish


Mehr is definitely my most used Mac lipstick. I LOVE this colour so much. It has such a comfortable formula and looks awesome on my lips. It’s the perfect colour for everyday but it also is bright enough to be great for a night out. The matte shades have such a comfortable finish to them and last quite some time on the lips.


I think this is my second favourite Mac shade. It’s a perfect grungy nude. This has had a ton of hype and I completely understand why it does. I love how well this colour pairs with just about any eye look that I’ve done.


How impressive is your Mac lipstick collection? Mac is just such an iconic brand and I think everyone should own at least one of their lipsticks! I would love to hear about your Mac lipstick collection in the comments below!

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