March 2017 Favourites

March 2017 Favourites

Over the month of March I’ve spent a lot of time going into my collection and trying out products that I haven’t been using as much as I should. I’ve been cutting back a lot on purchasing new makeup because I have so many products already. I should really try to use a lot of what I have. This was really difficult at first but I think I’ve been getting better with this recently.

I had a great mix of makeup, skincare, nail polish and hair care favourites this month! I think I’ve been really enjoying discovering products in my current collection so I’m looking forward to posting favourites posts on a more regular basis again!

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Colourpop – The Knockout Palette

This has been one of the few purchases that I made this month. I had been pretty good at avoiding any of the colourpop releases but the nectar collection was too much for me to resist. I really enjoy wearing orange eyeshadow and blush because I find it works well with my eye colour and skin colour. This was no exception! The blush is a perfect orange tone that could almost work as a bronzer. The highlight is going to look amazing on me throughout the summer. It’s a little bit bold for lighter skintones but that won’t hold me back from wearing it 

Too Faced – Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oil in Pure Peach

I really branched out on the lip colours that I was wearing this past month. I wore a lot of different shades throughout the month. The one shade that I went back to a few times was the Too Faced lip oil. I just loved how this felt on my lips and it was very moisturizing. The scent of this is wonderful and I honestly want to eat the tube most of the time – which I know is not a good idea! The colour looks really natural on the lips and it’s really easy to apply throughout the day. This isn’t super long lasting but I really don’t mind having to put this on a few times throughout the day.

Smashbox – Photo Finish Primer Water

I’ve gone through phases where I loved this primer and then felt as if it just wasn’t necessary. But everytime I take a break from using this as soon as I go back to trying this out I fall in love again. I really do think this is a super refreshing way to apply primer. It nourishes my skin well and really helps to make my face ready for foundation. I really don’t know what it is about the product but it helps to make everything look a little more natural.

Nail Polish

KLPolish – Das Esspensive XXV

I’ve been obsessed with this polish since the moment I saw Kathleen announce it. I rarely use polishes that are heavy in glitter because I find them to be a pain to apply and remove but this is a million times better than I expected. It has a really unique look to it and the glitter particles look a different colour depending on the lighting. This lasts a pretty decent amount of time, I got 4 or 5 days of usage without it chipping. It’s also one of the few polishes that I receive a ton of compliments on when I’m wearing it. The glitter must catch everyone’s attention! Unfortunately this was a limited edition product so it is no longer available to purchase. KLPolish will be releasing some new shades shortly so I would keep an eye out for that!

Hair Care

Davines – OI All In One Milk

I received this product a long time ago in a subscription box but I pushed it aside because I had never heard about the brand before. I used it at the beginning of the month and right away I thought I was going to hate this product because it had such a weird scent to it. There is no way to exactly describe it but it’s almost like a pine tree scent? BUT after feeling my hair when it dried I completely changed my thoughts on this! I’ve never had as soft hair as I do when I spray this product on. It’s so soft that I can not stop feeling my hair most of the time. I really would like to purchase a full size of this but it’s been pretty difficult to find in Canada and it is pretty pricey.


Neutrogena – Ultra Light Cleansing Oil

This has been one of my all time favourite makeup removal methods. A few months ago I finished the first bottle that I had of this and waited a little while to repurchase it. I wanted to try to get some use out of the makeup removal products that I already own. But after trying out a few different products I knew I had to repurchase this. This is one of the few oil based products that doesn’t hurt my eyes. I find a lot of cleansing balms really hurt my eyes or make them feel really uncomfortable. This Neutrogena product really works for me and it smells amazing!

Are any of these your favourite products? What were your products in the month of March? I would love to hear your thoughts of them below!

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