Sick Day Essentials

Sick Day Essentials

With the cold winter months rolling in everyone and your dog is bound to get a case of the sniffles. I’ve already had a two week cold that I just couldn’t shake, no matter what I tried. After getting through that sickness I decided to put together my list of some of the products that really help me get through a sick day.

Bath Bombs/Bath Salts

Nothing helps you get through a tough day like a nice warm bath. I love adding a bath bomb or some bath salts to just help create a soothing experience. My favourite lately is the Doctor’s Orders Bath Bomb for Bathorium. It really helps to clear out my sinus and make me feel a lit bit better overall.


Sick days are meant to be spent binge watching TV shows and movies. When I’m not feeling 100% all I want to do is lay in my bed and have something continuously play on my TV. Lately my favourite show on Netflix is Scandal. I recently finished it and am looking for something new to watch! (If you have a suggestion leave it in the comments!)

Comfy Clothing

I honestly don’t think I could get through a sick day without wearing a good pair of sweatpants. My Roots sweatpants are always my go to when I’m feeling under the weather. They are super comfortable and make it easy to curl up in bed. They are a little bit pricey but these pants last forever and still look great.


When I’m feeling under the weather I’m usually super lazy about what I want to make to eat. I always just want to eat something that will soothe a sore throat. I’m a huge fan of eating soup on a regular basis but I enjoy it so much more when I’m sick. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the brocolli and cheddar soup from Panera Bread.

Warm Tea

My go to sick day tea is Peach Tranquility from Teavana. I honestly can’t get through a sick day without having at least one cup of this. It really helps to sooth my throat and tastes exactly like a fuzzy peach candy. But any tea with a bit of honey is definitely going to sooth your throat!

What products or activities do you find help you through a sick day? I would love to incorporate more things into my sick day routine. I know with the cold weather starting I’m bound to get sick again soon!

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