Ipsy Review – September 2016

Ipsy Review – September 2016

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service. It features 5 different deluxe or full-sized products and a makeup bag for $10 USD per month. Shipping in the US is free and it’s $4.95 USD for Canadian shipping. I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy for several years now and it’s a lot of fun getting a few new products sent to you every month.


For the first time in a while I was definitely most excited to receive the actual bag this month compared to the products I was sent. That rarely ever happens. Recently though the bags have been a lot nicer and just seem to be a better quality than in the past. The bag was unique and definitely something I know I will want to use in the future.


EYEKO – Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner in Black
I’m not sure if I really need need another liquid eyeliner but I would rather be sent something like this than something I know I would never use. The product description for this states that it will not budge which means that I’ll probably try this out within the next few months. As soon as winter rolls in I have eyes that water like Niagara Falls so I need a product that will not smudge all over my face.


IT Cosmetics – Superhero Mascara in Super Black
This was definitely the product that I was the most excited for. I have quite a few mascara products on the go right now and a growing pile of products that I want to try. I’ve been trying to cut down the amount that I have open at one time because I don’t want them all to expire at once and I want to try to get the most use out of them all. This mascara will probably be at the front of my to try products though, who doesn’t what to try a product called Superhero? I want all the length and volume this product will give me!


Naked Cosmetics – Naked Advanced Aloe Cream
A few months ago I started using aloe as a treatment for acne scars and I was actually surprised that it worked out fairly well. It’s something that takes time though it definitely wasn’t an overnight results kind of treatment. I have one too many acne scars on my chin and forehead so if I know something will help then I’m always down to give it a try. This has a light honey scent, which wasn’t too overpowering. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy or goopy- which sometimes was the case when I was using aloe on it’s own. I’m definitely going to work this into my skincare routine more but I’m not sure if it will replace my current holy grail skincare products.


Seraphine Botanicals – Guava Butter
This is a product that I probably never would have bought for myself but something I wouldn’t mind trying out. I find stick products for blush can be a little intimidating to use because I’m always afraid I’ll apply too much. If you have any tips for how to best use a product like this make sure to leave it in the comments for me!


BeFine Food Skin Care – Exfoliating Cleanser
Recently I’ve been more particular about my skin care and the types of exfoliating products I’m using. I find sometimes that exfoliators that are too gritty and harsh usually do more damage to my skin than good. This product description says it has crushed almonds and oats to exfoliate so I’m not sure how rough this is going to be for my skin. I had a really good facial a few months back and I’m trying to keep my skin on the level that it was after that facial. I don’t know if I’ll actually even use this product but I like that it has a lot of natural ingredients and is vegan.

What products did you get in your Ipsy bag this month?

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