Bathorium Bath Club – August 2016

Bathorium Bath Club – August 2016

A few weeks ago I stumbled across an ad for Bathorium on my Facebook feed. Lately I’ve been enjoying taking baths and using more relaxing bath products so I was intrigued by the ad. I found out that Bathorium sells different bath products – bath bombs, bubble baths, sea sponges and bath soaps. They also have a monthly subscription, in which you receive bath bombs and bath products on a monthly basis.



Source – Bathorium

There’s three different subscription levels. I went with the middle subscription option – the Silver Bath Club. With this level you receive 2 bath bombs and 1 luxury bath accessory per month. The service costs $24 CAD a month. You also receive a 15% off purchase code and VIP access to deals and promos.

One great thing that Bathorium does when you sign up for the subscription is you can specify if you have any allergies or if you have any preferences for the products that they send you. I don’t have any allergies but I have a strong dislike for the scent of lavender. I mentioned that while subscribing and I hope that I don’t get any lavender scented products now.


This first month I received 2 bath bombs, Mama’s Perch and Doctor’s Orders, and a handmade natural soap in the peppermint.


On Bathorium’s website Doctor’s Orders is described as:

Rejuvenating Sinus Congestion Peppermint + Juniper Berry Bath Bomb
Before your nose is redder than Rudolph’s, drop one of these bad boys in the tub and kiss that cold goodbye. Eucalyptus, peppermint and juniper berry oils allow your sinuses to open once more. Camphor & Frankincense soothe your airways and aloe butter, grapeseed oils and sea salts help calm the mind while fresh peppermint leaves tingle the skin. Combine this with a cup of hot tea and a good novel and you’ll be back on your feet in no time


On Bathorium’s website Mama’s Perch is described as:

Rose + Geranium Relaxing Floral Bath Bomb
When it comes to mom, she deserves the best, right? Thought so. This new luxury Bathorium bomb will have you in the good books all year long. This fizz releases a cascade of orange, rose and ylang ylang essential oils along with skin softening sea salts and hydrating cocoa butter. Coconut milk creates a creamy frothy lather and real rose petals float subtly to the surface, truly creating an escape for mom. Light fragrance of gardenia and geraniums put the mind to ease, escape to the garden of Mama’s Perch.


I haven’t tried the hand soap just yet but I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

I’ve tried both of the bath bombs now and I really enjoyed them. I found that the scent wasn’t too overpowering. Doctor’s Orders has a light green colouring to it but it didn’t seem to dye my bathtub or leave any type of residue after I drained all the water out. Each of the bath bombs left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth.


The bath bombs have a really cute instruction card tied to the bag. I thought these were adorable, no one really needs instructions on how to use a bath bomb but it made for a great experience.

I’m excited to see what other bath bombs I get in the future. Hopefully they continue to listen to my instructions and I don’t get any lavender scented bath bombs.

Have you ever heard of Bathorium?

What’s your favourite company for bath bombs? I’m always interested in buying other brands of bath bombs!


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